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Any secrets to make diarrhea go away?

Usually I just have to ride it out because no medicine helps me. Anyone got any folk tale secrets like something you drink or do? I don't have it all of the time so it's not a huge problem but my family is known to have bowel problems. any secrets?
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RayBay, when I start hearing the 'diarrhea' runs in the family, my thoughts start to turn to the idea that there may be a general issue with some food intolerances going on. And at first glance it may not be obvious, but you may want to check it out. Keep in mind that just because someone has a food intolerance it does not mean they have to have diarrhea every day of their lives. It can be an on-and-off thing, too.

I don't think there is a secret way to try to rid yourself of diarrhea unless you can get to the cause of the problem.
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I think CalGal has a point. You might want to get tested for food allergies and sensitivities. If that pans out, you might want to get tested to make sure you don't have Celiac or anything like that. That's an intolerence to gluten which is in most food. Some of the symptoms can be diarrhea and weight loss.
As for the diarrhea, Pepto Bismo usually helps me. I know it can be a miserable thing. I hope you find out soon what's going on so you can get to feeling better!
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first off celiac or sprue or wheat or gluten or lactose dairy fats  sugars  diet sugars and foods can all cause IBS symptoms . bacteria in your well water ?  have you had a  stool specimin?  have you had food allergie testing for wheat eggs dairy are most common   msg is in  alot of foods  now what works for most is dietary changes keep a list  eat yorgurt live cultures  keep away from yeasty food bread and donuts . ginger cinnamon  mint peppermint are suppose to help aid in digestion along with papaya  walmart sells digestive enzymes  this is the most natural way i know and do, now taking metamucil daily is suppose to help absorb some of the liquid and help  you form some stool adding bulk to your intestines thats my only clue ,
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I have IBS with what started as constipation but over the past several years turned to severe diareah. Nothing helps and it is not uncommon to go to the restroom over 20 times a day. I have to take like 6 immodium at a time and that dont always work. I cant eat out, have to eat at home because within 5 minutes i am in the restroom. I also have severe stomach spasms with the diareah and cramping. Just had a egd/colon and was told I had alot of irritation and gastritis. It is awful cause I never know when I am going to have to go/run to the restroom. I cant go out and do many things because of this. What could help with the severe diareah?
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did you try the enzymes i mentioned digestive enzymes ? did you start eatting yorgurt with live cultures ? did you start swollowing metamucil it absorbs the liquid and it slows you down ? did you have h pyloric?did you go on antibiotics?  did you ever test for celiac diease ?
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I did show alot ot the H.Pylori and was put on Pepcis, and two antibiotics. I have not tried any enzymes yet but have the Metamucil. I haven't been tested for Celiac Disease yet. I am at a lost of all this. This Friday I go for the Gastric Stomach Empty Test which the doc thinks I have since I did in 98, but I was also told that it would show if I do have the dumping disorder as well. I am hoping I have neither as I am trying to get a GI clearance to have the Lapband Operation in October.
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you can always eat DRY toast and or burnt toast or cinnamon toast burnt   NO Butter or margerine NODDA  i have know alot of elderly say they needed the burnt toast to quiet there stomach so perhaps you can try this and then invest in the charcoal tablets
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I also have stomach issues in my family (though not usually Diarrhea).  I do know a remedy for getting rid of it though.  One teaspoon of Nutmeg and corn syrup.  We usually just get a tablespoon with approx. one teaspoon of nutmeg, then fill the rest with corn syrup, Mix it up with a butter knife right on the Tablespoon and eat.  It tastes REALLY bad but it works every time for us.  It takes one dose and it usually cures it in a few hours.  
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The best thing to use is this i found this thing my self and you may like it . It Tastes a bit disgusting but ITS ACTUALLY WORKS
okey what you need is


mix all those in squash only a bit chops of banana dissolved in it THERE DONE#''
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