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Ascitis, loss of appetite, fatigue..

My mom had been complaining about loss of appetite, indigestion and feeling bloated (as if there was a lump/knot behind her belly button).

She coughed up a bloody sputum ~6 months ago once (she had fainted around that time as well, I'm not sure if she fainted on the day she coughed up blood itself or not), she hasn't coughed blood since, and hadn't coughed noticeably until a few days ago, she has no fever..

A week or so ago, she started coughing a lot, and 2 days ago, I realized that she had shortness of breath as well and couldn't speak fluently as there were frequent pauses for breaths while speaking each sentence. Her "long/deep breaths" were also relatively short, 13-15 seconds long.

So we went to the hospital and visited a gastrologist, the doctor tapped on her stomach from various angles and opined that it could be stomach tuberculosis as he felt that there was fluid built up in her stomach, he had her perform Ultra sound and blood tests.

Ultrasound report: https://i.postimg.cc/SNBL1xHK/2021-11-24-21-46-page-1.jpg
Blood tests result: https://i.postimg.cc/QCNDxGLH/2021-1-Research-1-24-21-46-page-2.jpg

It will be days before we are able to visit the doctor for showing these reports, meanwhile her enlarged abdomen and her fatigued, weak state is really stressing me out..

My mom has no history of smoking, consuming alcohol and always avoided junk foods, she also exercised on regular basis. She does occasionally have (unexpected) bruises on her calf or her arm (bicep area), the last one (~month ago) was on her arm and disappeared only after 12-13 days.

Race: Asian
Age: 51 years
Not taking any other medication

I really appreciate you taking your time to go through this post..
Thank you..

PS: I don't know if this is of any significance but she was under heavy stress for a year. During that time, she had developed dark circles and lost 4-5 kg of weight because our neighbour burglarized our house and also tried very hard to ruin her image to take revenge for land dispute.. we had tried to convince her to consult with psychologist back then but she actively refused any visit to the hospital, she has recovered to a great degree since then (this was about a year ago).
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That sounds very worrisome and I'm sorry to hear your mom is going through this.  Have they admitted her and looked further into this?  This doesn't necessarily have to be related to her GI. There are other things, and unfortunately, some are quite serious, that can result in this type of fluid build up and bloating. Examples would be if she had kidney failure or dysfunction, fluid will build up like this. Liver cirrhosis is also another very common reason for this type of buildup and bloating.  And cancer such as ovarian cancer that can have very few notable symptoms until things like  ascites appears. She really needs a full work up.  

I think what you are also saying though is that she is non compliant for getting medical help.  Or has been previously. Sometimes it takes a health crisis such as she is having to force that issue.  Please give us any updates.
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Thank you for the reply.. she had the mantoux test today, 3h 40m later and the intial bump has flattened.. I am seriously praying that it's 'just' Tuberculosis and not any liver damage or some cancer.. The Ultrasound report said that the Liver was normal in size, is there a possibility that its related to liver but the liver is still normal in size?
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