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Black flakes on toilet paper

Okay Im twenty years old and a about a month i was feeling constipated for more than a week so my grandma gave me a herbal tea to help me go to the bathroom. After drinking it in the morning it gave me diarrhea in which my grandma told me that was normal. However ever since then my toilet paper had been covered with these tiny black flakes. I didnt think about it at first until it kept happening. Sometimes when i go i only see like big piece or nothing at all depending if my stool is really solid or soft. My stool doesnt turn black or tarry, it still its normal brown color and my doctor said i might have irritable bowel syndrome because my only symptom is my stool going flat but always return to a round cylinder shape when i add more fiber and water to my diet. But im still worried about these black flakes ever since i drank that tea.

Please help me whats causing this and if anyone of you have had the same thing happen to you before, say please. Thank you.
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