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Brain fog/Digestive issues

Last October i had really bad digestive issues. Bloating/constipation and gas. I tried every single over the counter remedy, and nothing worked. Fast forward to December, and i found out i was pregnant. I started to feel a bit spaced out, it felt like i was extremely high. It would come and go, along with some headaches every couple of days, which with a little tylenol would be gone.This went away after a few weeks, and then a week later i miscarried. I did not feel spaced out, or have the headaches again until about 3 week later, and now the spaced out feeling is 24/7 from when i wake up to when i go to bed for the past 4 months.

I am certain that these issues have some link to digestive problems, because the spaced out feeling gets worse when i eat sugar/carbs. I have been to a gastro who did some stool samples, and the only thing that came back was yeast overgrowth in stool. He gave me nystatin for 10 days, and it didn't do anything except make me a little more regular with my bowel movements. He wanted to do a colonoscopy, but i have put that on hold because i don't want to go under anesthesia with my head feeling this way. Other symptoms i am experiencing:

Extreme light sensitivity
Heartburn only after "bad" foods
Stomach pressure
Itchy ears/nose
Post nasal drip
Vaginal yeast infections
urgency/frequency urination (microscopic blood found in urine)
Undigested food in stools
White tissue bits in urine and stool
Yellow nut looking things in stool sometimes without consuming nuts

I have had a ct scan of the head which was normal, and have been tested for celiac twice. I also read about yeast overgrowth issues seems my gastro found overgrowth in my stool. I saw a doctor who deals with yeast overgrowth who has given me nystatin and diflucan to try. I am giving it a go, but i am a little skeptical seems there is so much controversy over whether yeast overgrowth really exists. I am losing hope and i don't know where to turn next. I feel spaced out all the time, and it is really ruining my life. Anyone have a similar experience?
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yes I feel the same way most of the symptoms he said maybe peptic  ulcers im getting an ulcersound sat or sun and I will let you know what happened please keep me posted
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Hi, hope a urinary tract infection has been ruled out. This can cause blood in urine and the deposits in urine. As you have multiple complaints, immune deficiency disorders need to be ruled out. Diabetes Mellitus and Hypothyroidism could cause the symptoms described by you. A simple blood test could help detect diabetes and hypothyroidism. Consult your primary care physician for these tests. Regards.
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