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Brunner's glands with hyperplasia

I had an endoscopy in May this year as I was exteremly ill and was malabsorbing.  I was told I had coeliac disease (probable) and have now been gluten free for 6 months.  I was also found to have an adrenal tumour which is being investigated and have 'suspected' Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

My endoscopy report reads:

'5 pieces of tissue were biopsied.

Sections of the duodenum showing a raised count of intraepithelial lymphocytes (IEL) with no villous atrophy and with moderate crypt hyperplasia.  The intraepithelial CD8 positive lymphocyte-count is more than 40 per 100 epithelial cells (40-50 IEL/100EC).  Brunners glands with hyperplasia are seen.

The appearances are in keeping with coeliac disease (marsh 2).
Evidence of ulcer or malignancy is not seen.

Note: The histological findings in coeliac disease are characteristic but not specific, a favourable response to a gluten free diet is needed for a definate diagnosis.'

I am still not absorbing, I am low on iron, b12 deficient, vit D deficient, low folic acid.  I am still unwell.  The only improvement is the severe weakness I was experiencing has lessened.

Can anyone give me their opinion on this?  What other causes may there be for the above changes other than coeliac.

Another concern for me is the statement 'Brunners Glands with hyperplasia are seen' - I have read a little about this but do not want to take it out of context (sometimes the internet info can make us worry!!!)

Many Thanks
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