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What is the best way to get rid of c-dif

This discussion is related to Should Imodium be given during any stage of c-diff infection.
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Clostridium difficale,is a gram positive spore forming bacteria.It is commonly associated with Antibiotic associated diarrhea or Pseumembranous colitis,when broad spectrum antibiotics are prescribed for long term in order to treat any chronic infection,it may cause destruction of normal gut flora and overrun C.difflicale.

If C.difficale infection should be confirmed,it can be done on basis of Cytotoxicity assay (gold standard),ELISA/PCR,Stool test.

Further infection can be prevented by Specific Antibiotics towards C.difficale like Vancomycin or Metronidazole,limted usage of Probiotics, Hydrogen peroxide vapor in patients room (nosocomial cause),or C.difficale anti toxiod vaccine.

Also refer to this link of medhelp which also deals about same situation if you were infected by C.difficale after long term Anti biotic usage.Here you can see other precautions you can take to overcome present symptoms.

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