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Chest pain/Anxiety

I am going to post this on several sites because I have no idea where I belong.  I have been having a tightness in my chest for over 4 weeks now (like an elephant is sitting on me) and it makes it difficult to breathe.  It gets worse at night.  When I sit down, my stomach area doesn't feel right.  I am under extreme amounts of pressure/stress.  Dr is going to do a stress test in 2 weeks--also put me on Nexium and Ativan.  The Nexium seems to make me burp somehat, but no great relief.   What all could this be?  Could it be GERD, hiatal hernia?  Plain stress?  I can't breathe at night which causes me to panic and makes it worse.  What is pulmonary hypertension?  I am trying to wait for the stress test, but sometimes get in a panic and want to go to the ER.  Andy ideas?
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When I get stressed out I have ALOT of Anxiety, wich does bring out my GERD symptoms.

Try to relax, use breathing techniques.

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