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Choledochal Cyst

I'm a 52 years old female,I been in so many tests within a period of 6 months.Catscan ultrasound mri over and over again.I have been suffering  with these symtoms nausea, upset stomach( like you have diahrea but you don't) and sometimes really have one, I only eat little bit at a time otherwise I will really feel like vomitting.It's the wosrt feeling ever.about 4 days ago my Gi doctor told me that I have a choledochal cyst and recommended a surgery and take out the bile duct and replacing it with my small intestine from my lever. It sound so scary and honestly I'm really scared of the procedure but I'm also scared because he said there is a a big risk of developing into cancer. He said that the surgery will take 8 to 10hrs. If I go ahead and have the surgery how likely is this to have complication after. Could anyone please let me know that I will be okay with these procedure? I will really appreciate your response Thank you so much!
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I just found your post and it looks like it is from 2007 and who knows if you will get this but did you end up having the surgery? I have horrible symptoms and have been suffering for almost 4 years. I was scared too when I first heard surgery but now I am thinking I should find someone to help me and refer me to a surgeon because I have lost 80 pounds through this whole thing, I am in pain and miserable. The most frustrating part is I have doctors saying I don't know whats wrong with you and I even had one say absolutly not it cant be your cyst causing your symptoms but looking around on the web and forums it seems that the cyst has everything to do with them. Hope everything turned out well.
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