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Chronic Left Flank Pain

I am a 60 year old female with progressive left flank pain for over 10 months to the point of it being chronic, a daily non stop pain. No pain killers help! Have had CT scans revealing Diffuse Atherosclerotic changes involving abdominal aorta, saw a vascular specialist, he did not think this is the cause of my pain-referred me to a Gastroenterologist. CT Scan also revealed a 1cm liver cyst on left hepatic lobe just above the falciform ligament, was told not too worry, too small and this also cannot be the cause of my constant left flank pain. Had upper endoscopy and was diagnosed with H pylori, acute gastritis and esophagitis, 2 courses of antibiotics, H pylori and the "itisis" are all much better, 2.5 months later, left flank pain still constant, getting worse. Was sent for an ultrasound, all appeared normal, but I note they did not bother to even search for my liver cyst and accurately measure it so I wonder. Urine test have been told are "beautiful" no indication of anything with my kidneys although 2 separate 24 hour urine tests revealed my creatinine was low, not sure what that meant and again, physicians are not considering this as a concern. Went to see an endocrinologist, had all sorts of tests, al negative. I have elevated temperature at times, mainly in the morning when I wake up with my average at 99.8. I sometimes go past 100.5, but never reach 101. We thought the fevers were due to the bacterial infections, but all of that is cleared up and I am still having these elevated temps. Am at my wits end at this point, this pain does not allow me to even function properly, let alone think. I have become a very moody person, scowling all the time from the pain! Its a pain that feels as if I have some sort of constant pressure, if I lay on my side, it is so uncomfortable and gets worse, sometimes when walking, I feel it toward the upper front left, right under my ribs-hard to describe, or just oone big something in that area, feels as if something foreign is there or I am swollen inside somehow,  but when the physician touches and presses on my abdomen, it does not hurt. Not sure what is next. I am so worried that something is really wrong,  is missed somehow with all these tests. Any comments or advice? Please!.
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