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Chronic Pancreatitis; Can't find cause ?

Greetings, I am Manos, 18.
Since November I have been having some pancreas issue. It started with pain below sternum (a week or two before the first exams) and elevated Amylase levels. 1st U/S didn't show anything in specific but showed my bile looked dense/muddy (not confirmed by following U/Ses). Then I had an MRI/MRCP which showed up pancreatitis. I was hospitalized and as usual, put on food abstinence and received IV Fluids only... After a week in, things seemed to have calmed, hyperamylasemia/uria was also going away, as well as pain. I was let go and went back with a strict nonfat diet which I followed. While I were in hospital I was done a liver biopsy since my liver function tests (γGT and SGPT) were mildly elevated (since three years ago, when I had a inf. mononucleosis from EBV ). It showed steatohepatitis (and obviously, fatty liver). I am not obese but just a bit overweight and I have Familiar Hyperlipidemia, however my Triglicerides weren't high enough to cause the pancreatitis (less than 300).
I returned to the hospital again with high serum and urine Amylase (urine one was much greater in proportions to the regular values) and of course pain. I was treated as before but this time I had another, more detailful MRI/MRCP to rule out congenital issues and monitor the situation. It showed what the first did,(chronic) inflammated pancreas, no blockage or congenital issues, and something weird but good, no alteration on the peripancreatic fat or evidence of injury and yes, it was after my second episode. They first assumed it could me autoimmune, and kept believing that, even after all my immunological, immunoglobulin and Autoimmune factors came up negative, hence they sent me do an endoscopic u/s with FNA biopsy of the pancreas. It  contacted yesterday the hospital I did that, and it was finished, and it didn't show anything useful, nothing in particular. I start having some discomfort again on that area but not yet pain.
As for my med history/drugs:
I drink alcohol to minimal ammounts, not often, just socially.
I don't smoke. My nutrition hasn't been what you would call ideal, quite the opposite.
I have been misdiagnosed a year ago and given Risperidone for three months but after re-evaluation from another one, I was found with ADHD in addition to anxiety and depression hence I was given a combo of: Zoloft, Bupropion and Modafinil which worked great, without adverse reactions and the liver func tests that were risen by risperdal became back normal (sgpt/ggt midly elevated as I said before). I have been getting them for a year without any problems.
Could these drugs cause chronic pancreatitis in the way it appeared to me?

Oh I should mention that about a month before my first hospitalization, when GI issues started I took omeprazole which caused allergy and I was given MethylPrednisolone IV for that and a one week tappering schedule.
Oh and I have had an eye exam for something that might cause pancreatitis, which came back negative.
Plus I should mention I was prescribed Ursodeoxycholic acid. I hadn't had confirmed bile issues and I was told that bile wasn't the cause but I don't know.

What could be the cause? What are your thoughts on my case? Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot in advance!
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sounds more autoimmune then say alcohol...your young to be having these issues.
problems can start also from say a gallstone that blocks a duct or lodges and then causes the pancreas to "have a fit"...as you know the gallbladder,pancreas,and liver are all connected,and one thing or issue with one can lead to an issue with another.
FINDING the first issue is a must to stop the others!!
i will tell you this though,,,i have a fiend who was a weekend warrior didnt realy drink much during the week,but would tie one on when the occasion occured.
well,he developed pancreatitis,,,,didnt know it,thought he had a bad stomach bug,and continued to drink here and there,well,it turned chronic,and now hes in deep trouble.
also when  you have an attack,,,,simply eating too uch,or the wrong thing too soon can send you back into another episode of pancreatitis.
get on some enzymes to help break down your foods and that way you will maintain your health and it will let your pancreas kick back and not have to work so much.
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