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Chronic Pancreatitis

My Wife ( 27 year old) is suffering from Chronic Pancreatitis.She was having abdomanal pain on and off i.e. not very frequently. But since last 20 days she is suffering from acute pain in her upper abdomen.
We went to the physician and he suggested for an ultrasound. The findings of the ultrasound are as follows:-

Pancreas is ecogenic with dilated main pancreatic duct( approximmately 9.7mm in diameter. An echogenic focus casting DAS is seen in the head of the pancreas measuring 13mm with multiple echogenic foci in MPD. Splenoportal axis appears to be normal. Portal vein diameter is within normal limits.

Now my physician is suggesting me to go for ERCP.
I contacted another physician and he says that there is no need for ERCP. Only oral tablets are sufficient to subsidise the pain, and  we can leave the pancreas as such until it is creating any more problem.

So pls suggest me what to do. ?
Shall i go for ERCP.
Pls help me out.

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