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Chronic Unexplained Stomach Acid 4 Years Please HELP!!!!

Dear Doctors/Professors

My reflux problem started approx 4 years ago.

I did a juice based diet and then shortly after I would experience burning only in the stomach area nowhere else. It didn't travel up the Oesophagus at all.

The treatment method was and is still Nexium 40. I take 1 Nexium 40 every 3 days and then obviously repeat this as the stomach acid returns.

Now during these 4 years I have gone for the following tests to rule out anything sinister My tests are as follows;

2009 Endoscopy - Clear no abnormality found.
Biopsy Normal
2010 Colonoscopy - Clinical Notes were ( Mucosal Erythema terminal ileum) that was explained to me as slight inflammation within normal limits. To back this explanation a biopsy was performed to rule out crohns colitis etc. Everything came back normal.

Being overly anxious as I am and very concerned after reading that Nexium is whats called a "Band Aid" solution I decided to go for more testing at a later stage.

Endoscopy : Notes as follows A small sliding Hiatus Hernia <5cm. Biopsy Normal
Barium Test mIssed that but the endoscopy got it.

Now what have I tried to do to beat this reflux. dietary and mentally.

I have lost 25kg.
I tried a naturopath with certain pills to beat the acid, it worked for 5 days then the acid returned. So back to nexium.

I have tried everything you can imagine, I have read every article on the internet about what foods to avoid yoga etc everything. This reflux returns no matter what I do. I have discussed with my doctor and he assured that there is nothing there and that it is safe to take Nexium. Also I quote 'it is good that Nexium relieves the symptoms'. Those were his words of wisdom.

My goal would be to eradicate Nexium and eradicate this chronic stomach acid.

In your opinion what is left for me to do, I do not want to burn my stomach lining, I dont want to be at risk for stomach and bowel cancer.
What can I do to beat this unexplained returning stomach acid. Again the burning is contained to the stomach area only and does not travel upwards.


I would really appreciate your expert opinions on what the medical society can offer me to beat this once in for all and clear my anxiety that I have not tried everything because this is not a normal life to have acid returning every 3 days no matter what.

Thank you and I really look forward to your response and advice.
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Hi there!

Increased acid production with associated gastritis +/-  reflux is largely managed conservatively. Aside medications, a few useful changes include:
Dietary changes such as increasing the protein content and low fat proportion. Taking regular small frequent meals. Avoiding spicy/ smoked food items, alcohol, cigars/ cigarettes etc.
Regular exercise and weight loss if overweight.
Avoiding stress.
Taking regular milk and natural antacids. Taking plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoiding citrus fruits over an empty stomach.
Checking for hormonal/ endocrine abnormalities and appropriate treatment.
Sleeping with the head end of the bed slightly elevated.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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