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Color leaks of my stools...

I has been questioning this one with doctors for a while now. I noticed it about 2.5 years ago and it scared me because the color that I noticed was burgundy. I had regular 1-2 bowel movements per day with no anomalies. The problem was when I sat on the toilet for 10-20 minutes and looked after in the bowl I could see the color is leaking of my stools (sometimes it is burgundy - I stopped eating beats anything that could color my poop red; most of the times it is brown - kind of like coffee color, I do drink 1-3 cups of black coffee a day; sometimes it is more yellowy). When I pre-flash the toilet it kind of becomes cloudy yellowy-orangy color every time. I found it becomes more "red" when I drink alcohol, but it doesn't stop if I stop drinking alcohol.

My Family doctor dismisses my worries and didn't want to order any tests to determine if it is blood in my stool. I am 40 yo male, 180lb, 1.61'' high. I got referral to the proctologist about 2 years back and had external hemmoroids removed 1.5 years back and he did a sigmoscopy without any findings. about 1.5 ago I started to have back pains, the x-ray showed arthritis in the one segment but nothing else. It worries me a lot because I think I might be having more serious issues. Latelly about 2 weeks I started having dull stomach pains (under my last right rib) and some pulsating sensations in my stomach, hands and legs.  

In the last 5-6 years I had abdominal ultrasounds with no abnormalities, last one was done about 2 years ago when I first noticed color leaking from my poop.

I am just wondering if it is normal to have color leaking from your poop. I think color of the poop became lighter than before but it is still lighter shade of brown and no I cant see the actual blood in my stool.

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I had the exact same symptoms as you have divulged here which started over 1 and a half years ago. I had stool tests to which one sample came back with a trace of blood. My GP wasn't too concerned but booked a colonoscopy anyway to which I was keen to do so we could get to the bottom of the symptoms. What came back was I had mild proctitis which is the inflammation of the rectum. My stools were coming out with some odd shapes (squared edges and lined indents) but in relation to the leaky coloured stools, I was out in the bush a couple of months ago on a trek and nature called whilst out. I had to go in the bush to which I examined my stools without it having been covered by the water in the bowl. I noticed it had orange mucus on the outside of the stool which is a symptom from the proctitus. This was why water would colour whilst being on the toilet for around the 10 minute mark. We have not found the cause of the proctitus but I am working on some remedies with diet etc. Hope this throws some light as to a possibility for others with the same symptoms.
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I occasionally experience this. In my case it is excess bile acids from my gallbladder. (Upper right pain) is gallbladder location. Some odd reason mine dumps. dumping  can also happen to people that have had theirs out. This excess in acid over time causes acute bouts of microscopic inflammation. Over the years I’ve done tests galore. You describe my strangely odd symptoms. So I’m sort of classified as IBS, and Ibd. I don’t have polyps or ulcers, or diverticulitis  as of last scope. So not specifically categorizeable, biopsy of seaming healthy tissues resulted in microscopic inflammation of intestinal walls.

Long and short I take questran it soaks up excess acids and lack of better explanation soothes symptoms by reducing exposure to irritants. It’s a powder. think, fiber but smoother it doesn’t constipate me.
During flare ups I am prescribed something else that reduces bowel inflammation.

I have tried many probiotics. Intermittently resolved my issues over the years. By far the very best results have come from taking a supplement that contains pancreatic enzymes. I have only ever taken one brand of these enzymes. Idk what else may be available. An elderly woman I care for orders them for me. She is a member of life extension. I pay her $20 per bottle and usually take a lower maintenance dose of 1 per day and they last longer. Really hope this is helpful to someone out there
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I have this same thing! Have you had any answers? It started about a year ago for me. During that period I’ve had back pain and the nerve pains in my legs and arms too. Really confused. Colonoscopy and endoscopy clean. Endoscopic ultrasound showed some fatty spotnin my pancreas, but nothing else
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I have the same issue and I’m confused if it’s worth going to the doctor? Did you find any answers yet?
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hello i have the same problem. after passing the stool, a color starts leaking out of my poop which sinks to the bottom of the toilet bowl. After couple of minutes stool is surrounded by cloud of colour. Previously, the color looked redder, now it is usually more yellow. I have no other stomach ailments. Does anyone know what this is? recently I noticed that dipping a teabag in a toilet bowl gives the same effect. Could it be tea?
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I have the exact same issue! Any answers you’ve found?
Nothing yet and it has been about 7 years since it is started, so it is obviously not deadly. I considered that it might be a food coloring that my body can not process. I noticed that there is more brown when I drink lots of coffee (and I take it black). It is just weird for sure...
Interesting. Yeah I didn’t think this was deadly, but I’m concerned it means I’m not digesting/absorbing something properly. I had a fecal test and I did not have severe fat malabsorption, so I don’t really know. I had an EUS that showed a tony focal fatty infiltration in my pancreas, but the Dr didn’t seem too concerned about it.
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So I had colonoscopy, and my proctologist removed a tiny polyp. I was told that there is nothing in the colon I should be concerned. 48 hour liquid diet cleaned me well but on the third day after the colonoscopy color again appeared in my stool.

I am starting to write a food journal to see if it is possibly some colors from the food, but I doubt it.
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I’ve had the same issue for the past few years.. did you maybe discover the cause of the coloring? I’m a 25 year old female.
Now 2 years later after my initial post (I even forgot I did it) so about 4-4.5 years into the questioning I still have no answers to this weird question. I think it is related to what we eat or drink and how body processes it, however it is weird that it just appeared one day. I am still monitoring the "problem" just in case.

To tell you more, since then I had full colonoscopy done (some diverticulitis, no polips), recently had full abdominal ultrasound (all cleared). I do notice that color changes maybe with spicy food and alcohol.
Hey bud, I’ve been having this same exact issue. I’m 20 years old and my stool is a goldish light brown color most of the time. And when I leave it sitting it leaks a reddish color like yours. I’m going to get checked by my GP and I’ll give you and update on my issue. I also suffer from GERD/Acid Reflux
I know this is a bit off topic , but I’d like to be updated on the condition you’ve been dealing with. If you can reach out to me at ***@**** that would be great. I would like to share my results with my GP next week as well.
Bape cmss @ gmail . com (without spaces)
Hey I have the same thing! Ice do you have this too?
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