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Constant Nausea and Lump in Throat

II'm a 35 yr. old female and have had recurring digestive problems for years now.  After the birth of my 2nd child, I had symptoms commonly associated with Celiac's and/or IBS.  I had an upper GI and colonoscopy performed but it was inconclusive.  The dr. said I had a very slow digestive track, but that was about it.  After about a year, the symptoms mostly subsided.  However, over the past couple years I've been having more recurrent problems.  I don't get the cramping and diarreha I had but now have a constant feeling of being full.  This comes and goes.  I'll feel fine for a few weeks and then the I'll have symptoms again for a couple of weeks.  Many times I feel like I have a lump in my lower throat, like something is stuck.  Along with this also comes the feeling of nausea, like I ate too much at a meal.  I eat very small meals and am very careful about what I eat (no fast food, no caffeine).  I sometimes will get heartburn, but this is infrequent.  I also tend to have frequent right-side flank pain, around the kidney area.  I've had a few kidney infections, but doubt if this is related.  Any idea what could be causing these symptoms?
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This might be from hypothyroidism.  It causes a lump in the throat from the enlarged thyroid gland, and it can cause a lot of other systemic problems as well, such as slowing of the digestive tract.  Did you ever have any bloodwork done?  The test for thyroid hormones is really simple - I just had it done myself.
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