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Cure for blastocystis Hominis

My son is 21 years old and is studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We leave in Quito, Ecuador.   He has  been with "blastocystis Hominis abour 2 months now!  but we reciently throught various exames found out!
What is the best treatment to kill it!
I appreciate all your help!  
At the moment there is a gastroenterolgist seeing him.
Damiana Capurso
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Search google for 'badbugs'. It is a website dedicated to this bug and another, both of which many people are suffering with. There is information on the Medication you need to treat it. It DOES NOT respond to Flagyl anymore. That is OLD science.

If anyone has so-called 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome' they should DEFINITELY be check for it. This bug can fully be the cause, (of course not the only one).

You absolutely must find a lab (not a hospital) and get checked with a
'3-Day Stool Test WITH Fixative' This is crucial. The bug dies quickly outside of the gut and so a fixative (preservative) is required to keep it until studied.

More research must be done, this bug is becoming more and more common....so is "IBS". While I don't believe that ALL cases of IBS are caused by Blasto, I do know that many, many are. It's worth getting checked to all who haven't. Take care.
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It is my opinion that many, many people get and have Blastocystis hominis. Most of the time it is harmless and at times can cause digestive problems. Like many other harbored germs like herpes for example, I'm thinking BH becomes symptomatic when under physical/emotional stress for prolonged periods. I also think the body can get rid of this parasite, or at least diminish the count by building up the immune system through good nutrition, supplements, exercise, and a less stressful life. Stressing out about having this parasite will only cause more problems related to anxiety and stress, including aches and pains, more digestive problems, insomnia, tension, etc. Humans get parasites all the time and a healthy body is capable of getting rid of most of them. Some parasites are very harmful, but BH is not one of them. Just my opinion.
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I was diagnosed with Blastocystis hominis and entamoeba dispar. The stool test also revealed an abnormally low level of Secretory iga (sIgA). sIgA is the predominant antibody, or immune protien the body manufacturer's and releases in mucosa linings, including the gut. It is a necessary component to protect against viruses, bacterial, parasites and other germs. Stress, anxiety, negative moods, inadequate nutrition and excessive alcohol intake are some causes of a low level of sIgA. In my case, several months of negative moods and mental/physical stress were the cause. I would suspect this caused a proliferation of parasite colonies, which the body can get rid of normally, or keep in control at least.

Of course, the fix to increasing sigA levels is stop the causes mentioned above. L-glutamine has been shown to greatly assist in rebuilding the levels. Also, the probiotic S.boulardii has been shown to significantly increase SigA in mice and rats. Good luck
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