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Diarrhea & Gas Pain after eating oil or animal fats

A year ago now my husband (34) started experiencing a sensitivity to fats and oils. The start of this coincided with a period of time where he gained about 40lbs, overeating, and was under a lot of stress. He has since lost all of that weight and isn't under the same stress. He use to be able to enjoy a steak, now it will send him straight to the bathroom. Even if we make a pasta salad with olive oil, it will do him in. Any time he eats meat, i have to trim all fat or strain any grease, and even trace amounts sometimes get him. He’s always been lactose intolerant, and occasionally overate himself into an upset stomach, but this is a daily issue now. His doctor assumed it could be bacterial, or something else and had blood labs as well as a stool sample tested. All came back clear. We’re stumped as to what this could be! Any thoughts!? Thank you!
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I’m having the same thing happen to me. I have low ejection rate from my gallbladder and now my liver enzymes indicate fatty liver. I eat healthy. My doc is still running tests but assumes it’s gallbladder or bilary dyskinesia. I will need surgery. Maybe ask for a HIDA scan?
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