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Distended Stomach

I really don't know where to ask this question at.  What causes a man's stomach to be hard and look pregnant?  My husband is 45 and he doesn not have flabby fat, but he looks 8 months pregnant.  His belly is hard, but he doesn't complain about any pains or anything.  He does have alot, I mean ALOT, of gas.  He doesn't burp very much, but he is constantly farting.  Could this just be that he isn't eating a good diet?  We do drink beer occassionally, but not even on a daily basis.  He is fairly active, although both of us could step up our exercise routines some.  He is talking about maybe doing kickboxing or some type of martial arts.  I don't think he is overweight, just bloated.  He is 6'6" and weighs about 245lbs.  He does not eat hardly any raw green leafy vegetables.  He loves meat, BREAD and potatoes.  What can I do to help him not look pregnant anymore?
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