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Do you feel as if your whole digestive system has changed?

At the beginning of the pandemic I started doing 5 different superfood powders a day in a smoothie.  Soon I developed gastrointestinal symptoms and some days felt like I was going to the bathroom too much.  I cut back to 3 servings a day for a while and things got better but I was still having too much upset.  Eventually I stopped the powders completely.  I am wondering if my whole gut needs a reset and that I disturbed everything too much.  I'm wondering now if I have food sensitivities because I've developed issues with burning and itching after some bowel movements but not always.  Also there are days that the stool smells like rotten eggs but not all of the time.  My acid reflux became worse but that is now calmed down after deleting trigger foods.  Over the last several years I've developed seasonal allergies as well and did not have them all of my life.  I am a 63 year old female.  I hope someone has an idea for me!
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I would just go really bland for a little bit, and let your system calm down. Foul smelling stool can indicate a serious problem, but since it's not every time, it seems less likely it's that and more related to something you're eating. Still, you should get it checked out to make sure you don't have an infection.


I'm not sure if you were trying to boost your immune system with the superfood powders, but there's really no such thing as doing that. Most people's immune system is fine just by eating normally.



Feel better!

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Yes I was trying to boost my immune system.  Thanks for the response!
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