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EGD Came out Clear- Still GERD Symptoms

Hello All,
  I'm usually not the type to go posting on a health forum but I'm open to suggestions. I have been having GERD symptoms which exceed your typical heartburn or indegestion. As soon as I eat I usually get excessive bloating and GAS, repeatative belching, chest pains, neck pains, abdominal pains. These symptoms on ocassion have spawned a panic attack when they get severe enough to make me think something is seriously wrong. I've been to the ER several times over the past 10 years and each time the EKG,ChestXray,Cardiac Blood Work up, all clear. My primary care physician ran blood work, abdominal utrasound, neck ultrasound, Hpylori test, and it's all clear. I quickly scheduled a visit with a GI doctor suspecting GERD or Ulcers, he did an Upper Scope (EGD) and that was clear as well. I now have a 1 month event heart monitor and taking anxiety medicine as suggested by my doctor to see if that helps. I've lost about 15 pounds in 2 weeks time, mainly because I am scared to eat much for fear of the symptoms. I've tried some papya enzymes and Ortho Digestive Enzymes and they seem to be the closest thing to help. Both the GI and regualar physician suggest I take prilosec which seems to trigger too low acid to where I am no digesting food correctly. Here's some of my symptoms:

Within 1 hour of eating:
Chest Pain
Neck Pain
Belching (up to 5 times a minute)

Lay on my left side at night
Feeling of constant air bubbles coming up my esophagus but getting trapped causing chest pain
Ear Popping, Headaches on temples
Tonsils feel irritated, throat feels like extra skin flapping when I swallow.
No bloody stools or vomiting

Foods that trigger the worst reactions (Which i no longer eat or drink):
Tomoatoes, Tomato based pastas, pizzza etc
Wheat, Milk, Dairy, Soda, Cafeine

I am fully aware that anxiety and panic disorders can cause many of these symptoms, I can get all of these symptoms in full relaxation in a non stress environment. It is usually the pain or discomfort that triggers anxiety about a medical problem that is undetected or missed. I'm not really sure what to do next, I'm taking the approach to try the anxiety treatment but have serious concerns that this is something digestive related that we just haven't quite figured out. I've read about almost every digestive disorder out there and the only thing that matches seems to be GERD however the GI doc says no.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

30 yr old Male, Non Smoker, No Drug Use, No other medical history other than hernia surgery at a small age.
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Hi Bill,
What are the doctors saying you have?  Or are they saying there's nothing wrong with you?  I ask because I have been having symptoms of possibly an ulcer or acid reflux, nothing severe, just burning in my stomach.  I wonder too how much it is related to anxiety.  I've done lots of research on different digestive disorders and how to treat them naturally.  I've tried some things and it hasn't worked so I am wondering if people are just getting sick and having to take all sorts of antacids for conditions that we may not be able to control.  Maybe because of our environment, all the preservatives in our food, etc.  Mysterious symptoms of digestive disorders that doctors can't seem to cure are  becoming more widespread.

I have a question?  Were you sedated for your EGD and were you asleep for it?  I have one scheduled in Feb. and am very, very scared but have been assured that I won't be aware of any of it.
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Hi Orchid,
  I was very nervous about my EGD, especially since I have never been sedated before. I had even talked to several people who had it but was still nervous for some reason. They put me to sleep for the procedure and the last thing I could remember was seeing the camera monitor and the GI doc holding the device, I litterally went from seeing that to waking up in my recovery room. The worst part of the whole experience was that I was so nervous going into it, looking back on it now it was really silly that I was so worked up over it. I think what made me nervous was the RN's kepts saying "oh your getting the Michael Jackson Drug" as a joke but of course that made me crazy. (Diprivan) I was so anxious over it they gave me drugs to slow my heart rate down (in the 140's). I didn't feel a thing, they strap a mouth piece to your head ask you to lay on your side and you'll wake up 15 minutes later a little sleepy but feeling ok.

On my condition: They haven't formally diagnosed me with anything since there is no physical evidence (yet) but I'm going through more tests I hope. Right now doctors think its all anxiety and panic disorder which I am following their instrucitons. I know this much,,,,, my syptoms are very much real and painful. It's hard to beleive they are psycological related but your mind can be very powerful. Here's a tip: stay the heck away from all calcium based antacids (Rolaids, Tums, etc) they made my symptoms worse and can cause kidney stones! Use liquid mylanta or the best thing so far Digestive Enzymes.

Good luck,
Your EGD will be harmless, painless and cake. Eat a good full meal the night before because you'll have to not eat after midnight. (I ate too light and was starving by morning).

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