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Elevated Liver Tests-Nomal Ultrasound, Need advice

I am a 32yo female who had a 15lbs weight gain in one week and 8 the next...leading me to the doctor to request thyroid tests.  When those came back normal the doc ordered another round of tests to include blood and 24hr urine test.  The  tests done and came back with a few things elevated, namley my AST and ALT levels were considered critical, also red blood cells are within normal limits but on the low side, Basophil % high, MPV high, BUN/CR high, LDL low, ALBUMIN/GLOBULI low.  I had an ultrasound of my liver and it came back as normal.  To include the elevated liver tests, I have had extreme night sweats, missed menstrual cycle, rectal bleeding (possibly hemmeroidal), left abdominal pain that comes and goes, darkened facial hair and severe indigestion.  The doctor I am seeing keeps suggesting diabetes but I feel this is not correct.
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I assume that hepatitis has been ruled out with appropriate bloodwork. Has any other abdominal imaging been done other than a gallbladder ultrasound? Was a pelvic exam normal?
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