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Endoscopy Exam

I am still aching from my endoscopy two days ago.  I had biopsies of my esophagus and stomach.  the pain comes and goes.  The procedure went along smoothly.  They had me suck on a mint sponge type stick first for the back of my throat. This seemed to help before the procedure, sore throat very mild then left.  I didn't feel anything during the entire procedure, they put me out.  I was not in a lot of pain, just a bit achy.  This was the third time I had the procedure but the first time for biopsies. Had the esophagus stretched  several times due to swallowing problems and acid reflux.  Not everyone experiences a lot of pain but I would say for myself soreness in several places where  the biopsies were taken.
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I wouldn't worry about it. Think about it like this, they cut into your throat. Those wounds need to heal, and they take a bit longer cuz when you eat, the food is going past all those wounds, messing with the healing process. If you still feel the pain after a week, then maybe you should be slightly concerned. Otherwise, I think it is normal.
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