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Eructation, abdominal and back pain


I suffer of eructation since almost an year, together with cycle strong abdominal pain and backache and constipation.
I've done x-ray, MRI and other exams and they pointed hypertympanism in my belly but couldn't diagnose what it is.
7 years ago I had my first pelvic pain, I did a video laparoscopy to discard endometriosis and this year I had a several pain crisis that made me stay on bed for 3 months, suffering of constipation and abdominal swelling, backache and pain in the leg, all on the left side. With the time, the only symptom that persists is eructation, which is constant and causes social embarassments, I don't know what to do anymore cause I don't have medical aid. I don't know what I have, I don't have any diagnosis and I don't know how to help or handle this situation which is awful.

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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Have you been evaluated for GERD or tried any of the treatments for GERD?
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Hi there!

Well, this would be a difficult situation to comment n without a clinical evaluation and the relevant clinical details. Causes of abdominal and back pain could be related to GI/ GU or neurological issues. Hypertympanism would favour GI/ GU issues. The extent to which you have already been evaluated and the conditions that have been ruled out; could cue a diagnosis. Also pain killers would need to be used judiciously since a few OTC pain killers may be contraindicated in a few situations. The best I can suggest to see a primary care physician for a detailed evaluation and appropriate management. You may try contacting the social services department in your area, if they should be in a situation to provide some help.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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