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Feeling terrible because I may have accidentally gave office GI problems

I made a dish for the office pot lock that contained egg and I think it may have been undercooked because I followed 2 recipes and accidentally put the dish in the oven for the recipe without egg and started feeling sick. I just had nausea and lower abdominal discomfort. I went to the doctor after having a dark brown/almost black stool. While the doctor said I didn’t have food poisoning It was confirmed there was blood in my stool and recommended I get a CT scan. I also struggle with anxiety so I’ve been having panic attacks thinking how everyone could be going through the same thing because of me. How severe could this have effected my coworkers. How bad may I have hurt them (and myself) with my incompetence?
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So, ya. I definitely see the anxiety coming out in your post. First of all, eggs can cause issues but really in the real world? Don't. I doubt eggs had anything to do with your situation. I have had food poisoning and yea, it's terrible. But you saw a doctor who said no. Yes, you had something but unlikely food poisoning. Could have simple gastroenteritis. Blood in stool looks like coffee grounds. Dark stool means you may have been constipated and it came from 'higher up' in your gi tract and this could account for nausea and discomfort as well. And perhaps the stool was older due to constipation and causes a bit of micro tearing on the way out. All of that is reasonable to think.

You would have heard if you gave food poisoning to anyone by now. So, your imagination is now running away from you which is what anxiety does. Anxiety also impacts the gi tract. What do you do to treat your anxiety?
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