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Everything I eat or drink makes my stomach hurt


35 year old female here, whose upper abdominal pain started in January 2013 and has gotten progressively worse. Primary care ordered an upper GI series, which revealed esophogeal dysmotility and either an ulcer, spasm or scar tissue in my stomach pouch. (I had roux en y gastric bypass in July 2011).

The pain has gotten so bad in the past month (especially these past few days) that I can barely eat. No matter what I eat or drink, bland as it may be, my stomach hurts and bloats up. Sitting up at my desk at work makes it hurt the worst. Lying down and getting up make it better.

Yesterday, I had to go home early because the pain kept stopping me in my tracks. I constantly  have to change into my nightgown as soon as I get home from going anywhere because it is too uncomfortable to wear pants, bra and a shirt. I have no energy and I am losing weight without trying. (I lost all my excess weight from the bypass 9 months ago).

I get some nausea and reflux,but not a lot. I do get indigestion after meals.

Ultrasound of gallbladder was normal.

Upper endoscopy scheduled for this Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

GI doc prescribed omeprazole and it is not helping.

Anybody have similar experiences or insight as to what is going on?

I already eat small portions from the surgery, but now I eat even less due to the pain. I take my vitamins as well as iron due to anemia I developed last year and took a long time to recover from.

Any suggestions as to what or what not to eat?

Thank you,


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Thank you kindly for taking the time to answer my question. My upper endoscopy was done today and three things were found: irritation of the stomach lining, a hiatal hernia and a stitch sticking out from my gastric bypass.

However, my doctor was not convinced that these things were causing the level of pain I have been having. Therefore, he ordered a HIDA scan, which is scheduled for Monday.

Also, he biopsied four areas of my stomach, which will take a week to come back.

I will try some antacids; my doctor recommended them in addition to the omeprazole.

Thanks again,

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Did you ever get any answers? I'm in the same boat, it's destroying my life.
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include dietary causes, GI motility issues, GI infections/ inflammations, gastritis, gastric ulcers etc. Unfortunately there is little help that we can provide online without a definite diagnosis. The best I can suggest is to consider further investigational studies by a gastroenterologist, following which a definite diagnosis and management plan can be made. Meanwhile I would suggest taking some OTC antacids and see if these seem to help with the symptoms.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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