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GERD, Kidney Stones, Ovarian Cysts, Pellet Stools

I'm a woman in my early twenties with GERD, ovarian cysts, annual kidney stones, lactose intolerance, and pellet stools.

I began having lactose intolerance when I was a kid. I have had pellet stool since I can remember. Everything else appeared when I wasin my senior year of college. I've been on Nexium for 2 years. I do not take it everyday bc I know it's bad for you. I feel fine if I just take them 2 times a week. Tums and Prilosec does not work. When I do try to stop taking the Nexium I feel awful. There's nausea and acid in my chest. The longest I've been without it was about a month. Coffee and coke are triggers and I do not drink those drinks anymore. Birthcontol is helping with my ovarian cysts. Lemonade and chamomile tea seem to help my stones. This may sound weird, but I noticed that when I take Nexium...I don't have kidney stone pain, but when I stop taking it...I have kidney stone pain.

Are these symptoms related in some strange and mysterious way?

How can I cure my reflux for good without meds? I'm starting nursing school this fall and what to take care of myself!
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I am not a physician but did you get an upper GI for the GERD dx?

Have you tried Lily of the Desert Stomach Formula and kefir for you stomach pains?  Or even Mastic Gum?
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