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Gallbladder muscle strain?

For five months I've been having RUQ pain that comes and goes, sometimes related to food, sometimes seemingly more related to posture or sports. It's now become a mild constant pressure with painful spasms that last 2 to 10 seconds up to ten times a day. It sometimes radiates to the belly button, the right side of the ribcage, the back, the shoulder and arm, making them achy or tingly. The spasms are usually localized pain either under the ribcage, below the ribcage, or in the back. It's pretty scary but doesn't prevent me from doing anything.
This all started two days after a weekend of straining in jogging and yoga, and two months after a trip in Thailand.
I've had ct, ultrasound, upper endoscopy, all negative for gallstones or sludge. I guess it could be gallbladder diskynesia, but I haven't had a HIDA scan yet. I've had IBS for 8 years so it could be related. I get nauseated with fatty foods, I think I used to already but may be more nowadays.

I was never really awaken by pain at night, but often had pain when going to bed or waking up. Also often the pain comes two hours after a meal.
My stool is most of the time the same color or a bit darker than what I eat, but not much, I don't know if it means a lack of bile? I've lost weight seemingly only due to my change of diet to healthier and less food.
I always feel better on weekends when moving around and not sitting at a computer desk. I also feel better when I don't think about it...
Today I've had the worst pains ever brought on by stretching my arms up and back. I also noticed the yoga cobra pose was bringing some amount of pain regularly.
I'm trying to figure out a way to fix this without a gallbladder cleanse or a surgery... I've changed my diet to a healthy style, only eat my own cooked food, and trying to determine food allergies, but this has not fully worked.

Could stress bring all of that? I've had a lot of life changing events this year, I'm moving out of my appartment and going back to france (my home country).

Thanks for sharing your experience!
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