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Gallblader Removed- extremely tired.

I had my gallblader removed two months ago. I assume diarrhea is normal after the surgery.
but Ive been very tired. sickly tired constantly . and my belly is bigger than before the surgery its bloated
constantly i look like when i was 4months pregnant.
Is this going to last forever? I did lose gain after the surgery and my belly was bigger than before...
i regained the weight now but my belly is still big like when i was pregnant... especially myupper belly
its bothering me. after i had my baby abt 4months ago i only had a little belly on my lower belly
nothing on the upper belly. and now i look like im pregnant again.
my concern is my tiredness... i felt like this when i was pregnant and im not anymore. Does this tiredness has
anything to do with my surgery? i started taking vitamins 2 weeks ago but no change... They said my surgery went
well. i was in the hospital for 3 days afet the surgery i had  4incisions on my belly. Im extremely tired and bloated...
whatto do?
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