Pain under left rib cage, feel light fever,  bolted. Pass lot of gas, done endogastopic examination and prescribed regular taking Omerzoprasole, some time do have constipation, not feeling empty the stools, stools look like little bullet and watery, stomach look big some time.I had peppermint oil tablets, do have type 2 diabetic, take regular blood pressure tablets and reduction of cholesterol
….Please advise me what I can eat, is herbal medicine better..
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Both Chamomile and Mint herbal teas are good for gas issues.  And,  the both of them together work as well.  I hope they help.
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You should check to see if you actually have a fever, as this would point to something else.  You should not eat foods that cause gas such as carbonated drinks, beans, etc.  For the feeling that would can't empty your stools, you can try a warm-water enema if the pain from that gets bad.  You should see a GI doctor to be evaluated for all of the symptoms you have been having.
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