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Gastroparesis from Bile Reflux

Hello fellow tummy sufferers. I have a broken stomach/digestive system. I am a 37 year old female with many auto-immune related conditions: hypothyroidism, pernicious anemia, iron deficiency anemia, etc. I have never had good digestion and always suffered with IBS-D. After pregnancy it turned into IBS-C.

After two years of being unable to eat most solids I had major testing done and was told I had gastroparesis from Bile Reflux Disease. I am nauseous to the point of incapacitation most days. I was put on Tecta and Domperidone three months ago with the idea that would "fix" me. I am not fixed and in fact feel worse. I have never had gall bladder removal and am quite young for this. I am not diabetic. I correlate the deterioration of my digestion with two things: a stomach flu or food poisoning that kept me from eating for five days AND starting antidepressants. Am I on the right track? Why did this happen?

What can I do to help myself? Are there any herbal therapies that really work? Do colonics provide any benefit. I don't go to the bathroom unless I take Milk of Magnesia. But I am so disgusted with the taste, just smelling it makes me nauseous. Are there surgical options?


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