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Halitosis from gerd

Hello i am a chronic halitosis sufferer  for 5 years now and finally found the caused. My halitosis almost disappear by 75-90% when i am lying down facing left or right but facing the ceiling got worse because i can feel shortness of breathing with gag reflex at the lower part of my throat. I can handle the acid by lying down but i am not gonna lie down forever just to minimize the odor. I want my stomach to feel like i am lying down when i am not so i can walk anywhere halitosis free. Please help me i don't know how to cure this gerd that is causing my white tongue and halitosis.
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Hi, since medications don't seem to be helping much why don't you try lifestyle measures? Take frequent small meals. Eat dinner about two hours before sleeping. Elevate the head end of the bed. Keep a food diary and note down what aggravates your symptoms and avoid them. Ensure to maintain optimum weight by regular exercise. Avoid non steroidal  anti inflammatory medications NSAIDs, quit smoking, eliminate alcohol and reduce stress levels. These measures need to be practiced long term for results. Hope this helps!!
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Thank you for your comment.

Well I'm doing the best i can to find out the best remedy that works best for me since antacid and apple cider worsen the odor by 70% you can smell my breath up to 40 feet. Most of us with serious and chronic halitosis medical doctors can't help us. All they did was prescribed and let them know if there's any changes and surgery is not the best option either and most of the time they fail too. Now I'm back to seeking what work's and don't.
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