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Help! GI Disorder Defying Daignosis

Help! I have been suffering from an intense GI disorder that, so far, has defied doctor’s diagnosis.

As you will see, the symptom presentation doesn’t match colorectal cancer, pancreatic or gall bladder dysfunction or obstructions, stomach or duodenal ulcer, IBS or Krohn’s, Celiac disease, or even hiatal hernia and esophageal erosion.

The symptoms:
- Strong Nausea, made worse after a meal, but present almost always, even when not eating or upon arising - NOTE: NO vomiting or urge to vomit
- Constant over-salivation
- Strong fatigue & brain fog after meals that sometimes lasts 1/2-day
- Bloating & pressure after a meal (even a light one)
- Bouts of intense anxiety after meals, sometimes with dizziness or a feeling of passing out
- Occasional dull pain, right at my xyphoid, but no pain elsewhere

The ABSENCE of the following symptoms seems to rule out all the maladies above:
- NO vomiting or urge to vomit
- NO diarrhea or loose stools and no constipation - very normal shape/size/color stools every AM
- NO tarry or bloody stools
- No intestinal pains except or pains radiating from my pancreas & gall bladder, no back/shoulder pains
- NO weight loss, or change in my normal weight (as long as I keep eating)

Last year, I saw 2 different prominent GI doctors in the So. California area. All possible examinations were done, including office probes, extensive stool testing, two H-pylori tests, full pancreas & gall bladder tests, blood tests, upper endoscopy, colon examination, ultra-sound AND CAT-scan of entire digestive tract, food allergy testing, esophageal biopsy, and tests for all intestinal parasites and pathogens.

- The ultra-sound, CAT scan and internal pancreas/gall bladder tests all came back negative - functioning fine
- 3 fecal occult test showed no sign of colon cancer. No other colon cancer symptoms present, and there is no history of it in my family.
- stool & parasite tests showed no h-pylori and only trace amounts of blastocystitis, but no diarrhea and a full 14 -days on nitazoxinide ruled out that or any other pathogen as the culprit.
- The upper endoscopy showed a mild sliding hiatal hernia and mild esophageal erosion with a schatzki ring, with no Barretts present. However, GERD/heartburn was rare, and I did a 5-week protocol of Protonix, which provided no relief from the above symptoms. Mild hiatal hernias & esophageal erosion usually present with regular GERD/acid reflux and chest pain, and almost never with all-day fatigue, bloating, constant salivation and anxiety from meals.

So 2 prominent GI docs are stumped, I’m stumped, and meantime I can barely eat while feeling awful most all the time. Please help.
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Any autoimmune testing?
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