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Help me, PLEASE

Hello, I am a 44 yo female with multiple gastro issues. every week or so I get these huge set of symptoms that eventually leave my doubled over puking my guts out. Sometimes I pray for death, cause as of now death would be a welcomed relief. Ughhh.. It all starts with sulpher burps, then spasms of the stomach muscle for about 2 hours, severe spasms, not painful but bad enough to bring on severe nausea. After the spasms are done I have bouts of burning urine, then for the 24 hours following it I throw up constantly, until I am painfully dry heaving. I am on Methadone maintenance therapy, and it has gotten much worse. I went from having these attacks about 4 times a year to having them weekly. I have to take the methadone, if I dont, I am so new to my recovery I will relapse back into the world of opioid narcotics. I can't go back to that life again. I wonder if it's IBS made worse by the dye in the methadose liquid. I hear a lot of people have issues with the dye, I am almost certain I have an ulcer. I take 40mg of prilosec and on onset of the sulpher burps I take another 40 mg, which has seemed to avert the whole episode, but I dont know how long that will work, it seems like my body chemistry is changing all the time, and there is really never a set of symptoms I can rely on to give me warning I am about to get sick...  I am severely allergic to soy, which when eaten brings on the exact same symptoms...  HELP
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have you had any testing done? Endoscopy? colonoscopy? If not, you really need to have those done. If prilosec helps, its possible you have really bad acid reflux and that is whats causing your problems. Try to avoid foods and drinks that irritate the stomach like dairy, gluten, coffee, tea, tomato. Look up GERD diet and try that out and see if it helps.
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