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Hiatal Hernia Symptoms, No Diagnosis

Hello. I'd like to start off by saying that I've been in pain for so long that I really can't stand it anymore. I've started to have a mental breakdown because I cannot take the constant pain anymore.

31 White Male
6 feet tall, approximately 190 lbs
Smoked for 10 years, have recently quit.
Occasional Drinker.

For over 10 years now I've had a constant pain right below my sternum. I was seeing a specialist and had 2 endocsopy's, a colonoscopy, barium swallow, nerve block, pancreas and liver tests, test for H. Pylori and probably some others I am forgetting. They couldn't find anything other than a little irritation in my esophagus and some acid reflux. I was prescribed Nexium but it never really helped and I was tired of tests.

Skip about 8 years, I've just been dealing with the pain. Sometimes it's mild and sometimes it's unbearable. I got back on Nexium and had another endoscopy with same results as before. I've been eating nothing but fish and steamed vegetables, drinking nothing but water and exercising frequently.

- Excruciating pain below my sternum, constant discomfort
- Hard to catch my breath, have to take deep breaths often
- Occasional sore throat
- Feeling of food stuck at the bottom of my esophagus, sometimes feels like small pieces
- If I lightly repeatedly exhale I hear and feel a slight clicking coming from the area
- Pressing on the area sometimes provides me a few second of relief
- Fullness after eating small amounts of food
- Acid Reflux occasionally

I've always been told GERD or Hiatal Hernia. Would my latest endoscopy not show a hiatal hernia?

I CANNOT stand the pain. There IS something wrong with me, unfortunately nobody can tell me what it is.

I've changed my habits, my diet and quit smoking, all to no avail. Its actually worse than it's ever been right now. PLEASE help me, I cannot take this anymore.

Thank you in advance.

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I should also say that sometimes long, low exhales provide me some comfort because it feels like it's vibrating/massaging that area. My girlfriend says it always sounds like I'm groaning.
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  I would recommend that you talk to your doctor about a CT scan which could show many different issues.  Have you had any tests done checking out your lungs?
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I've had a CT scan, never tests on my lungs.
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Has anyone had similar symptoms and found a cure?
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I Posted something on this site a long while ago with no comments.. But this is exactly what happens to me.  I have Gerd/IBS.  And I get pain that starts at the end of esphagus and hurts across the left of it and sometimes to the right of it.. It happens after I eat mostly but can hurt other times.  I just had a xray from the bottom of my esphagus , stomach and entire colon.. bloodwork, heart stress test, echo, ekg, chest x ray, KUB of my kidneys.. all recent... I am told all is fine, just acid reflux and my anxiety.. which I do have severe panic disorder/anxiety..  I had a abdominal ct scan done 10 months ago, endo and colonscopy done 4 yrs ago.. just in pain most days, and also rumbling in my stomach, which can be loud at times.!!!!  If anyone can shine a light on our issues here it would be such a relief!!!!!
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Thanks for posting in here, hopefully you can someday find out what's going on w/ you.

I convinced myself when I was first posting here that I had a hiatal hernia. I read this from a post here:

Ok, so common symptoms of hiatal hernia seem to be trouble eating/pain while eating or soon after, feeling of something stick below your sternum, trouble breathing or getting a full breath (requires yawning or "breathing with the shoulders"), acid reflux (especially when laying down), feeling full all the time even with minimal eating, pops and gurgling for no apparent reason, back pain in back of stomach area and/or above the left hip, pain in the left chest area, general weakness along the left side of chest and abdomen, tiredness, trouble swallowing or lump in throat predominantly on one side.

Those are almost my symptoms to a T. However, multiple endoscopys and other tests don't show it. The past 2 times I had REALLY bad flareups, the day I went to get scoped I felt better that morning. Could it possibly be a sliding hiatal? Unfortunately if the doctor's can't see anything I don't think I could possibly be a candidate for surgery.
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Bumping own thread with hopes of information that will help. Thanks.
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I have exactly the same symptoms. Had a gastroscope and was told that I have a 5 cm hiatal hernia. Symptoms are gradually getting worse and worse.. Have started suffering from anxiety issues as a result of all the symptoms . So trying to lose weight so that I can have the surgery done. Do you still suffer from symptoms?
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