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I fart more when I'm around people.

For nearly 3 years now I have been dealing with constant farting when I'm around people. The farting is accompanied by fecal body disorder. The farting only happens when I'm around people ( like school , or the groceries or inside a car etc ). When I'm at home alone I don't have any farting problems. The farts are silent and I can't smell them but I know other people can because I have heard them talking about me. This problem has caused me to become anti social and loose all of my friends.

If anyone knows anything about this condition please tell me .
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It sounds like social anxiety. My guess is that maybe this happened a few times, you became self conscious of it, and it became a social anxiety that continues because you are worried that it will happen.
Anxiety has a huge effect on the gut.
Maybe try to speak to a psychiatrist and start a low dose of anti-anxiety medication.
If you want to go the natural route, there are things like holy basil and calming teas that you can try.
Once you get the anxiety under control, i have a feeling the farting will stop.
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