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Inability to Burp; Gurgling; other related issues

I am curious, and have read quite a bit on this but want to know more.  I am physically unable to burp, except on rare occurrences (probably less than two dozen times in the part of my life I can recollect).  Instead, when I eat or drink, I have a lot of pressure in my chest and have some kind of involuntary "inward burp" which sounds a lot like a hiccup.  Sometimes they are extremely painful, other times normal.  I also have a gurgling that comes up through my esophagus (some compare to an old man grunting).  I have quite a bit of heartburn or acid reflux, whatever you want to call it.  Almost daily.  I know this is going to sound familiar to some...how about to YOU?!

On a different but related note:  anyone who has a situation like I described above, what about vom**ing - can't bring myself to type that word because I have emetophobia - look that up, and what I want to know is, does anyone else deal with this?  I'm curious to know if, since I have had traumatic experiences due to "stomach issues" (aka vom**ing), could that be related to my inability to burp?

Just curious what all you folks out there have to say.
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i have this same exact problem and the gurgling is so annoying and uncomfortable. i just wish i could relieve the air pressure by burping but of course I can't for some reason. I also have emetophobia! I get major anxiety when I or someone else throws up.  If i ever feel like i'm going to throw up then i will prevent myself from doing it. I'm beginning to think it is a psychological thing because in since i have suppressed myself from vomiting, I physically cannot burp. Also this happens when I'm anxious and nervous. I'm going to my doctor soon but from doing some research, I found out that they will not diagnose anything because they are unable to see the problem. I'm only a teenager and I don't want to have to live with this for the rest of my life. I heard that doing yoga and breathing exercises will help with emetophobia as well as your inability to burp when you're nervous. If you know of any thing else that might help please let me help!
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I am unable to belch either. Its called dysfunction of the belch reflex.

I had a manometry test done that showed my lower esophogus sphincter is weak which is what is causing this for me.

There is nothing they are able to do for me but give me acid reflex pills. I am on Aciphex. And avoid gas causing foods (especially dairy, ice cream beans etc) because it causes the trapped air in my chest. The trapped air causes me to have gas pretty much trapped in my chest and very loud girggling.  I also am able to take things like Gas X that sometimes helps when I have trapped air in my chest from something I have ate.
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