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Irregular bowel movements

I have always had irregular bowel movements....It got really bad about 1-1/2 years ago and I changed my diet.....I just cannot eat bread, it just feels like it sits heavy in my stomach....I eat cottage cheese, yogurt every day...and try to eat fruit.  I have no problem with eating vegtables, as long as they are not raw...do not like raw vegtables.  I can't even eat too much meat anymore either.  Eat a lot of pretzels.  Cut out the caffeine in my tea and coffee also.  Drink more milk, 2%.  It seems as though the constipation is starting to come back....I have a bowel movement maybe 2/week, if I'm lucky...and it is compressed and hard and hard to pass and very large when I do have a movement.  It's like I store it till there is no room anymore...Any Suggestions?  I just turned 49yrs. old, no children, menapause for about 7 yrs. now.  Medications include Imiprimine and Diazepam.  I drink a lot of tea...decaf...and now I really like Splash and drink that quit a bit.  
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  It sounds like you have IBS with constipation.  I would recommend seeing a gastroenterologist.  In the mean time, I would recommend eliminating all gluten from your diet.
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