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Is this more then one problem?Can someone please help?

Hello all..So it starts A couple yrs back with the bowel problems freguently use the washroom(bowel)almost eveytime i eat in the matter of mintues it comes out everything or anything i drank it happend went to the doc he put me on ibs meds which didnt help he try's a different brand blood tests the works nothing help and everything came back normal.Then he sent me to a gastro doc because now he didnt have a clue .So i went there he did a colonscopy and blood work everything came back fine.Thought id mention id loose weight not fast but unintentinal weight loss and couldnt gain it back .So the first gastro doc i seen he put me on pancreas meds to see if that hekpd the pain and thge works that didnt work he was just guess and trying to see what work..So then he gave up and sent me to another gastro doc.

So now im at a new one told him my story now by the time i saw him i was at 83lbs normal weight 100-110lbs which was making him concernd on like the other doc.So he did another colonscopy and an upper gi .blood work and a 72 hr stool sample which came back fine but with the upper gi .Found out i had H,pyori and inflammtion from it .So he prescribed me thr triple theropy to hopefully get rid of it thought the journy was over but nope Started with a new symptoms.-Bloating as i eat and afterwords to the point i look 5 months prego
                -Pain in upper and lower abdoman
                -pain on the right side of abdoman right under right rib cage
                -and unexplained itchy skin dont know if it is dry skin never had the problem to now
                -Still the freguent bowels
                -Still havent gained weight
                -Frequent urianting

So i went to the docs again for those new problems he told me the h.plyori might still be there but he douts it the inflammtion might still be there but its not the same pain i had from before.So once again i went and did another 72 hr stool sample and just diid an ultrasound for upper adboman pelvic and trans -vag waiting on the results but wont get them still the end of the month but fisnish the satory he gave me new meds for my esphogus and pancres again which seem to be working alright sometimes still get attacks of the stomach and bowels hit me like a tone of bricks when i have attacks oh and my anmeia is really lower so im on meds for the which if making my stools not loose anymore yay but he ruled out alot so if anyone has any suggestions im all ears thanks alot
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