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Jejunostomy feeding tube leakage problem

A close relative has had a feeding jejunostomy for almost 3 years now (I believe with Weitzel technique, using Foley catheter for feeding tube with ballon deflated due to pain when ballon is inflated).  The tube is secured using Coloplast wafer that is stuck to the peristomal skin.

We clean the dressing daily at home and stoma clinic visit and surgeons out-patient clinic every two weeks.  

For the past 3 months there has been excessive gastric content leakage from the stoma, this never happened before.  Now occasionally the milk feed (Isosource) also leaks from the stoma.  The skin around stoma site has become traumatised and we are changing dressing more frequently (4-5 times daily) and using Comfeel Barrier cream (Coloplast).  We have noticed that more leakage happens:
- during coughing
- when a greater length of Foley catheter is inserted into lumen (rather than hanging out)
- when the ballon is inflated

The surgeons have been consulted but at present are unsure how to solve this.  

I have seen many websites list leakage from feeding tube stoma as a common problem, but there are not very many tips on how to solve this problem.    

If you have anything suggestions on how to solve this I would be very greatful.

Thanking you in advance,

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