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Liver enzymes elevated no reason.

I am a 39 yr old female. Occasionally I have gone in for my yearly physical and been told that my liver enzymes were elevated. The first time was in March of 2001. Ast and alt were both up just a tad. Doc at the time told me to have them rechecked in 30 days. I did and they were normal. He said it must have been a virus.

Been normal since then till Nov. 2010. Same thing. Went in for my yearly physical. Had elevated AST and ALT. This doc told me to come back and retest in two weeks. At that test they had TRIPLED what they were. He sent me for liver u/s and tons of blood work for all the Heps, and hemochromatosis ( something with iron binding issues) and some other  stuff. ( ana, ama, alpha 1 tryps )   All of that was normal. No NASH, No Heps, no gallstones, Nothing. Basically no reason. He had me retest liver panel on Dec 3rd and Boom I am totally normal again. He says it could have been a virus.

I am not a big drinker. Maybe a glass of wine at a wedding or holiday a beer by the campfire.. but not even on a monthly basis. I don't take Tylenol much either. Prefer asprin. The rare motrin during monthly cycles. The only med I take is a daily zyrtec. And a otc multi vit.I don't even take the BCP.

Other history = mono in 1979 and "walking mono" in 1982. Both dx with blood tests. Due to my age at the time I do not remember what my Liver enzymes were during those times.

Neither time during this elevated states did I have any vomiting or bowel troubles. Just happen chance that I got my blood work done as part of my yearly physical.

So. My question to you is this. What Viruses can cause elevated liver enzymes?  Is this possibly the Epstien Barr Virus that causes mono? Can mono come back and bite you over and over like that? ( I thought it was odd that I had gotten it twice )

I ask you cause neither of my docs seem concerned now that the enzymes are normal again. But since this is the second time this has happened I am wondering what it is that is going on and if it could damage my liver over time.

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