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Lower right side pain

Male 56. Appendectomy age 5. Abscess same area-botched appendectomy. Inguinal Hernia repair 5 years ago.
Lower right side discomfort, 1 year. Comes and goes at first. Now chronic. Better but not gone on empty stomach. Gets worse with fatty food. Abdominal Ultrasound in the last 3 month. Gall bladder clear. Slightly large liver w/ 2 non specific hepatic lesions. Large spleen. Those two signs due to hereditary spherocyctosis. Diagnosed by coombs and osmotic fragility test. Colonoscopy three years ago-clear.. Statistics sys that  colonoscopy misses 40% of right ascending lesions. Looking for best diagnostic test. MRI or CTw/contrast. Really would like to avoid RADS.

Thanks for your time in answering this question.
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