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Mucus, thin bowel movements, restricted rectum

In August I had what I thought was either a stomach flu or food poisoning. I had violent diarreah for 2 days with vomiting and alot of severe stomach pain.
Prior to that my bowel habits were inconsistent, but usually hard stool with movements every 3-4 days. I have been experiencing severe constipation during the week before my period. Then complete relief on the first day of menstration. The stool would be normal and large.

Since August I have not had normal stool or regular movements.

my stool for the past couple of months has been soft and thin. What I call, ribbon like. Not diarrhea, just not round or formed.

About three days before i am able to pass stool I have terrible stomach pain and cramping(from the bottom of my breast bone to the rectum area). I am unable to pass gas until I experience a movement that is entirely clear and thick mucus. I pass the mucus 3-5 time a day for several days. this comes with pain that puts me in bed(a determined, single mom and business owner). I don't have any area that hurts to touch. The pain moves all over.
The pressure is mostly in the rectal area.

I have had problems with herriods for over 18 years since my first child was born with lots of back labor causing huge hemrroids that made the nurses gasp!

But during this experience, the anus has been very very closed and tight with red and blue protusion building with pressure and pulling outside for days at a time.
They dont feel the same as hemrriods. No itching, doesnt hurt to sit, it actually helps.

There has been bleeding in small amounts on and off for months. Bright red blood when wiping.

The pain and gas has been eased since I started taking slippry elm pills a few weks ago. It helps me function. But it is not changing the fact that I have a build up of time followed by days of resticted gas, followed by days of LOTS of clear oderless mucus, followed by a full day of 5-10 small ribbon like soft bowel movements. I have relief for a few days and then it starts all over again.

I have kept a food diary throughout the experience.
I have stopped eating all dairy(except occasional activia yogurt which helps-not hurts).
I have stopped eating all wheat, gluten and preservatives.

I limited caffine intake to 2 cups a day and small amounts of natural sugar in food/beverages.

I meditate every day and have a low stress job with 2 incredible boys that are a pleasure to parent. Stress is a very small factor in this case.

I take 3 tablets of slippery elm on days when the gas begins. no more than 3 consecutive days.
If the pain does not subside on the first day, I take 3 pils of Black walnut.

I eat 500mg of calcium every 2-3 days.
I blanch the fruits and vegetables that I eat to help ease the digestion process.


beverages:  Rice milk, water, herb tea, 2 cups of coffee

Brown rice, whole oat cereal
fruits and vegies(bananas, pears, avacodes, carrot juice....all low acid foods)

Meats are either broiled or long cooked in crock pot....
chicken twice a week
fish 3 times a week

I have tried ading small amounts of dairy back into the diet. I feel pain within an hour.

I am concerned about the amount of mucus that comes for days.
I am concerned with the restriction in the rectum and anus.
I am concerned that this has been going on for months with monitoring and diet restrictions in place.
I am concerned that I can not afford medical proedures, test or surgery.

Any ideas what could be going on?
I d NOT want to pay cash out of pocket to hear that I have IBS...waste of time and money. That is such a blanket diagnosis!

I want to know if there is a cost effective way to do more preventative care and natural ways to heal my body?
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Unfortunately, you do need to see a gastroenterologist.  You have some symptoms that are of concern and only a GI doctor can tell you what is wrong.
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