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Muscus in Stool

I had a bad tooth so the dentist put me on an anti biotic very strong one..Then I got a stomach bug I guess, I started having loose stools never any watery stools just really loose, That has been a week or more ago, well I have been taking the vitiman Beta Glucan I still have tummy cramps and very soft stools but now I am having a lot of mucas just white thick mucus I in my stool and even sometimes I feel like I have to go and it will be just mucus nothing else...I would like very much to know what this is?    Thank you    Judy F

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Judy, pick up some probiotics and give them a try. Antibiotics can knock the good bacteria in your system for a loop and that can cause changes in bowel functions. Try something like Culturelle and finish out the whole pack. Take the probiotics at LEAST 2-3 hours after taking any antibiotics, if you've still taking them.
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Hi Judy...was the dental antibiotic called Clindamycin?  May wanna google "Clostridium Difficile" (C-Diff)  and see if your symptoms match, then ask doc to run stool sample tests for it (three days in a row/separate samples).  Good luck to you.
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Did you get resolution to this issue? I’m presently experiencing the same thing:/
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