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Nausea, Burping Food : Post GERD Symptoms

Hello - I am a 30 yeard old male. I am underweight, 6Ft 1" and weigh 57 Kgs. Two months ago, i started having a burning gnawing pain in the abdomen. I was put on antacids and a mild PPI. The following week later, i had sever heartburn, with chest pain and terrible shortness of breath. I had an ECG which was normal, had an Echo-Cardiogram which indicated a trivial MR, Grade 1 (Minor) Mitral Valve Prolapse, but nothing to indicate a heart attack, as the pain i had, felt really like a heart attack. It was a case of very bad heartburn.
I was also asked to go in for an endoscopy, but it was a bad experience as i kept gagging heavily on the tube ( i don't mean to scare any people who are considering an endoscopy), its just that i tend to gag easily. I kept retching the tube and yanking it out... We tried for nearly an hour and 30 minutes. I tried the option of a mild anaesthatic, but it was not heavy enough. It was like, my mind want the tube to be swallowed and will it inside, but my body was just not agreeing to it and kept retching it out and i choked badly. So that was a no go. I went for an ultrasound and found no prescence of gallstones either. It was a case of reactive GERD.
The doctor prescribed me on a H.Pylori kit ( 2 anitbiotics and 1 PPI) twice a day, for a week, with a very very  bland diet. After this, the burning stopped. Then after that Nexium (40 mg) twice a day before breakfast for 3 weeks. The problem is although the burning sensation has subsided , even after all these medicines and tests, i am now getting nausea (heavy) 3 hours after mealtime (especially lunch), with constant burping. The burping / Bleching is in such a manner, that the food i ate 3 hours back tends to come in the breath. As if its undigested.
As of now , my doctor again prescribed me Domperidone for the nausea/ vomiting , as he says it could be a motility problem. Its mildly better now, but i still have that sour taste in my mouth.

Appreciate your comments and advise, as my doctor now thinks i am just some hypochondriac.

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I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy at the same time. I was put under, so the procedure was a breeze. Since the procedure, it seems my symptoms have worsened. I have that bitter taste, even though I am taking Prevacid and Pepto-Bismol. I researched ACID AND ALKALINE foods. Try to stay with the alkaline food and avoid ACIDIC food at all costs. You may miss your favorite foods, but you may be able to tolerate them in moderation when you get a handle on the GERD.  Stay away from any form of meat, right now. Meat and poultry are acidic. Have you tried medication that reduces acid in your stomach? As I've stated, I take both acid reducer and a liquid for acute burning and that choking feeling.  Also, what about enzymes that digest your food. I want to research that angle because I know food is not being digested as it should, and it sits there in your stomach and ferments, and that's bad. Yesterday, I did not eat any form of meat. I'm eating lots of spinach (low acid) and staying away from FAT.  I feel better today. Good luck. You are not alone. I am frightened  because I have Barrett's esophagus, which can lead to cancer. How I hate the "C" word.  Hang in there. You can fix this thing. For me, this is a wake up call to take better care of my body. I am also drinking soy milk. You have to find your own triggers, foods that set off the reflux. You do this by trial and error.  I hope you feel better, knowing that you are not alone.
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