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Nausea after eating anything

I am a 22 year old female. About two weeks ago while taking a 2 hour drive to another town for a day, I suddenly felt very nauseated. I had eaten a chicken biscuit from a fast food restaurant about 30 minutes prior which tasted kind of strange. I pulled over and was in a restroom for about 2 hours feeling nauseated, but I did not vomit.
Since then, I haven't felt well. I thought it might be food poisoning, but i'm still feeling the effects two weeks later. Now, I can't eat anything that is not very bland without feeling nausea for upwards of 6 hours after eating. I still have not vomited, no matter how much i feel like I might.
I've been to urgent care twice and was prescribed an antibiotic (for what the physician guessed was an infection) and Prilosec, neither of which helped. Currently I'm taking Zofran every 8 hours to help with nausea. The urgent care did blood tests, a urine culture, and tested for h. pylori, all came back normal/negative.
I also can't ride in the car anymore without feeling motion sick, which never used to be a problem for me.
Other information
-not pregnant
-no food allergies
-no diarrhea
-no stomach pain
-3 to 4 pounds in weight loss
-mild fever
I've had no luck in finding for myself what this might be, but I'm seeing a gastroenterologist soon. The physicians I've talked to were not sure because i don't have any pain in my stomach.
If anyone can help me with this I would definitely appreciate it.
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