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On/off diarrhea for months...why

Yes I was diagnosed with IBS when I was a kid, and supposedly have it very rarely now. However, all IBS means is they dont' know what's wrong.
Lately it's been bad--I had diarrhea about 5 times in 15 mins a few weeks ago, watery, so it seemed like a bug or something bad I ate (tho I dont' know what). 2 days before that I had diarrhea but not as bad and not as much.
Then I was fine for weeks.
Now I have it again--not watery, but 5-6 times in maybe 1.5 hours.

I'm seeing a Naturopath in addition to my doctor. They may try an elimination diet. I'm currently mostly gluten and dairy free. When I had a colonoscopy in 1991 and 1999, as well as endoscopies, they found some reaction to gluten but very little. My Naturopath says I still could have a reaction to it, plus it can change.

I also recently had a test there for my neurotransmitters, which are also in the gut. Maybe that may tell something.

Any of you have a problem similar? What did you do/what could you eat? Did it go away?
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I recommend trying Probiotics.. I was having all kinds of stomach issues, including severe diarrhea and that has been the ONLY thing that has helped. Went to docs, they prescribed Antacids and that was not working and basically gave up but my sister recommended I try probiotics and that has been my savior.. Hope it helps.
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Yes, IBS is a BS diagnosis.

Just to make sure, you weren't on any antibiotics during the time you had diarrhea, right?

Before you do the elimination diet (im on it now. not fun). Why not just keep a food journal and keep track of everything you eat and drink, your bowel movements, and how you're feeling.
Do that may show you or a nutritionist some type of pattern where you'll notice what food(s) are causing you problems.

Also, ditto on the probiotics
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