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Pain after pancreatitis and gallbladder surgery?


I wonder if anyone can offer any advice at all?  I am reluctant to go to my GP, as I am currently being treated and investigated for so many other issues (diabetes, Cushing's disease to name just two!) and I'm sure he's going to think I'm a moaning hypochondriac!

I had my gallbladder removed 18 months ago, following NO symptoms of gallstones (despite being full of them), BUT following an attack of acute pancreatitis.  I wasn't really given much say in the matter, as the pancreatitis was a nasty attack and I was strongly advised to get my gallbladder out asap after it.  It was a straightforward procedure, with no after effects.  I can't really say I felt better, because apart from the pancreatitis incident, I never had any problems beforehand!  I do sometimes suffer with the "dumping syndrome" which, whilst unpleasant, doesn't worry me too much as I believe it's normal.

However, over the last couple of weeks, I have been suffering recurring pain which is reminiscent of the pain I suffered with the pancreatitis - although a lot milder in its form.  It's a sort of crampy, central pain which feels like it's more in my chest than anywhere (sort of around and behind my boobs is the best explanation!).  This is exactly where the pain of the pancreatitis was.  It does seem to be slightly worse after eating, but the type of food I've eaten doesn't seem to matter.  It comes and goes, but the last week I seem to have had it on and off most days. It can also be worse when I'm lying down, if I lie on my left hand side.  Each time I get it, I get paranoid I'm going to get an attack of pancreatitis again, which I know is irrational!  I don't get any acid indigestion type symptoms with this pain.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be at all?  I can live with it, but I'd love to know what it is.....

Many, many thanks.

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Jess, forget about living with the pain. If this is pancreatitis you need to find out about it and make sure you're treated. Your pancreas isn't an organ you can readily do without, and having even small amount of damage done by low-grade (or worse) pancreatitis just isn't worth thinking about.

Please see the doc. In this can it's better to be thought 'nuts,' than to over look symptoms.

If it is pancratitis, make sure you're checked for autoimmune pancreatitis.
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I had lived with Pancreatitis for 3 years before I found I doctor to remove my gallbladder.  I seen a lot of Doctors that blamed it on everthing from alcohol to fatey foods.  I knew it was not from what they were saying.  I had every test done and they keep telling me my gallbladder was fine.

My doctor left his practest and I went to his office and got my file and read it, in all the test & reports it showed it was in fact the gallbladder.  THE DOCTOR LIED TO ME JUST SO I WOULD KEEP COMMING BACK AND HE COULD GET PAID FROM MY COVERAGE.

The Gallbladder is the NUMBER ONE cause of Pancreatitis I think it is a good thing you got it out.  Sometimes my Abdominal pain comes back I found a way to help with this.

Take a HOT BATH and soke the Abdominal area it works right a way.

Note: I don't know if this is for you but there are other test out there like Nuclear Medicine Hepatobiliary Scan, with this test & the doctor leaving saved my life

Good Luck & Take a bath for the pain

Let me know

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My brother (55yrs) who recently undergone with a surgery for acute pancreatitis unfortunately twice in a year. In his first surgery due to
pancreatic cancer the tail and the body of a pancreas was removed along with entire spleen since it was infected too. Every thing went smooth after surgery, regained weight and resumed to his job after one and half month.
Then the problem started again which was a dragging pain. Doctor kept saying this is due to a major surgery and it will continue for longer period of time, might be for a year. For this reason we had visited many specialist but no one could answer to our satisfaction. We even asked for the further test to understand the exact cause of the pain. Few doctors took the advantage of our helplessness, admitted to the hospitals again again, spent lot of money. Finally, we went to a big hospital, under gone through tests again, found that there was a spread so went through second surgery , to removed entire pancreas. Now, he is having chemo every week. but till today he is not free dragging pain. ( by the way my brother never smoke or drink). Anybody who has gone through the same problem, please tell us will he ever get a relief from the pain or dragging? I will be thankful if I get a reply. Thanks.
God bless each and every one in this world.
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