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Pain in my abdomen upper right front and back for 8 months

I am 23 and I started having really bad pain under my rib cage in December.  I went to the ER when it started to hurt to breath.  They did a CT scan and they found gall stones.  I had surgery in March to remove the gall stones.  The early morning of the day after I was rushed back to the ER because I was throwing up and couldn't keep water down and it felt like felt like there was a cement block sitting on my chest.  They did another CT scan and it showed that I had internal bleeding.  My surgeon removed a little over 2 liters of blood.  I was then admitted for a week for a precaution.  Needless to say I wound up continuing to throw up but they released me.  A couple days later I had the same feeling of the cement block sitting on my chest and wound up going back to the ER.  They did another CT scan and they found another mass of fluid.  I was again admitted and they put in a stomach drain.  I was leaking bile into my abdomen.  I was still having the same pain as before all of this so I thought it was going to go away once I healed.  I was wrong.  I went to a gastrointestinal doc and he told me that I needed an ERCP.  The first one I had the doc couldn't place the stent, and I had developed Pancreatitis.  I had to wait a week in the hospital to recover enough to have another ERCP.  This different doc performed it under general anesthesia and he got both stents in.  I wound up getting Pancreatitis again.  A couple days later i went home.  I still had the same pain and it wasnt getting any better and I was still throwning up to the point where I couldn't keep anything down for longer than  10 minutes.  I was admitted again 9 more times all ended up being week long stays.  Finally they put in a PICC line and i was on IV nutrition.  All my labs were getting better and I was able to go home and give myself IV nutrition at home with the care of home nursing.  Once my labs came back great, they removed the PICC line and put me on a bland diet.  A couple weeks later I had my Pancreatic stent removed by having an EGD.  In June I had my other stent removed by having another ERCP.  I went home and a couple of days later I went to see my doc because I thought I had Pancreatitus again.  My labs came back negative, but I am still in a massive amount of pain to the point where all I can do was sit up with my legs indian style and sit/sleep.  All 4 of my doctors tell me that there is no reason I should be having this pain and that there is nothing that they can do for me except ask me what I want them to do for me.  Does any one have any imput for my situation?

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I've had all the same done without the internal bleeding I still have pain as if I have gallstones or if I was having pancreatitis but they tell me I shouldnt have thT pain an there hands are up in the air with me but I do have esophagitis,gastritis,a moderate sliding hiatal hernia,an my bile duct is very enlarged they did another ercp with an did a spincherotomy they found nothing in my bile duct but they did a biopsy on the periampullary because I had thick mucosa I went for my results but the pathologist wanted another biopsy deeper in the tissue so if I were you I would demand more tests or change doctors hope all gets better I know how u feel especially with the unbareable pain N vomiting makes it hard to work our just really live your life
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