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Please Help me

My name is Manjit Singh, i had a stomach infection in January,
My liver profile showed ggtp =332 and ALP=225. I was on Augmentin after that for 2 weeks. My liver enzyme were normal ( still Alp - 167) and abdominal pain was relieved. but during the course, i  had bleeding and diarrhea due to heavy antibiotics.
After 1 month that i started having diarrhea and immediate stool after breakfast lunch dinner = burning in rt side of abdomen. doctor gave pantaprozole, Now its June . i still have the burning sensation and i went for my CT scan and Ultrasound. CT was normal but USG showed fatty changes in Liver.

Now i went for my stool test. it showed Mucous present++ Blood occult present+ Excesssive Fat in stool

Now dotor has prescribed Udiliv + pantaprazole + OF + Entamizole Forte

what am i suffering from and should  i have all these medicines 3 times a day or not.. plz suggest

Is it anything serious or just some infection. i need more info about occult blood in stool and also Udiliv,
Alp in blood should be 130, why am i getting it as 167.

Age : 24
Sex : M
Smoking: Yes regularly
Drinking : Yes 2 quarters twice a week
Blood Press : Normal 110/80
Diabetes : No
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I have been through it.  You will be ok :)  The probiotics take a while to help get rid of yeast.  Remember your stomach is still irritated from the infection you said you had earlier this year.  This will leave people with ibs for a while.

If you feel really bad then always go to er.  If this does not start to feel any better in a few weeks then remember to ask for hida scan and the cdiff tests.
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It could be many things, but to me it sounds like Chrons, or even Ulcerative Colitis. The blood and diarrhea are the key factors, also throw in the pain in the right side.
You need to go to a GI and get a colonoscopy so they can properly diagnose you.
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Have you been tested for C diff?  This is a bacteria that can come from antibiotic use.  It grows out of control when the antibiotics kill your good bacteria in the stomach.  3 Stool samples on different days need to be done since it can give false negatives.  The test also needs to be tested within the hour since it breaks down fast at room temp.
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Thanks Michel,
But Doc has already prescribed Entamizole Forte, Ornidazole which kill C.diff,
Hope it helps.

Also thanks, B_shel,
i think colonoscopy is risky and i dont have blood in stool, its blood occult which i think normally is present in every1.
i just wanna know why is Excess fats and mucous found in stool. i know that because of this fat only, i have Loose stools. is it becuase of gallbladder dysfunction or infection, CT and USG are normal, also my WBC were bit high. (Liver profile Normal. ALP-bit high)

I m a physiotherapist, so have little knowledge about Human body.. But need some expert advice

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Also let me know how much gap should be maintained between having antibiotics,
i m prescribed to have it 3 times, but worried about timings.

Is it better to have antibiotic after or before meals, (specify hours)

and when to have antacids, before or after meal. (specify hours)

any help would be useful
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Metronidazole  is the standard treatment for Cdiff.  They give it for 7 days and if you are still having symptoms they give you another 7 - 14 days.  If you are then still symptomatic and test positive they will go to the potent antibiotic Vancomycin. If that does not work they try tapering you off vancomycin .  I am not sure why they prescribed the other drugs for you.

  Cdiff is becoming incredibly resistant to antibiotics.  There are lots of people who have been on Vancomycin and done may months of tapers to get rid of it.  Do not assume you are ok until you have been off of antibiotics for  a while and have tested negative 3 times. There is a high incidence of false negatives and the  test must be performed within 1-2 hours after you collect the sample.  The toxin breaks down fast.

The mucous and blood is possibly  from the Cdiff infection.  If you have bad symptoms and pain then the toxins from the Cdiff could have caused colitis.  This is usually diagnosed through a colonoscopy.  

Pantaprazole has actually contributed to causing Cdiff. It is a PPI which reduces acid in your stomach and this provides a better enviroment to Cdiff to flourish.

If I was you.  I would ask for 3 tests on 3 separate days ( since it has high false negatives this is normal protocol)  for CDiff.and then if positive I would ask to be prescribed Metronidazole and if you feel better afterwards get tested again 3 times in a few weeks.  If negative then you will most likely be ok but have ibs for up to a yr or so until your insides are healed.  If positive try one more round and if that does not work then go to vancomycin.  You should also be on a probiotic such as florastor, culturelle or align.  These are available at the drug store.  It will help build up the good bacteria so C diff is not prominent.  

C diff is also very hard to kill.  You must bleach your toilet each time and let it stand 10 minutes and also flush with the lid closed.  Spores can get all over your bathroom by just flushing and they live for months.  Wash and scrub your hands very well and clean all clothes and surfaces with bleach and hot water.  Wash clothes separately from other household members clothing as well.  

The antibiotics are best with meals so it does not hurt your stomach.  Try to space them every 8 hours.  I would take any antacids in the morning with breakfast.
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Thanks again, Michell,

I had Ornidazole, Ofloxacin , and Pantoc today in morning after breakfast.
I will be having second dosage with lunch

Should i stop taking these medicines..
Can any of these killl C. diff.

Help help help
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Ofloxacin is not used for Cdiff It is a fluoroquinolone and used to treat other type of infections such as respitory bladder etc....   Ornidazole is typically not used for Cdiff the drug Metronidazole ( flagyl ) is.  Also you do not want to take a fluoroquinolone at the same time as Metronidazole because it is one of the drugs that can cause c diff in the first place.  

Are they sure you have C diff?  

If it was me I would be asking for C diff tets 3 of them and if positive I would ask for Metronidazole and then if that did not work vancomycin.
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Are you in the US?
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They are not sure about it that its C. diff..
I am from India right now,

Anyways i will complete my 5 days course and let u know my status after that.
Thanks for such a great Help.

Thanks a lot Ma'am
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Well if it is C diff and you take the Ofloxacin you will be in much worse shape.  You need a stool culture 3  times for C diff before you take anything.
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Pray for me..

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