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Hello to all, it's nice to see all you people sharing information on this subject I think this is one great way to undestand what's happening on our bodies and to some point fill in the gaps where our doctors have not been able to...  the great things of this type of forums is that I think we can share our comments and throgh each other's experiences we'll be able to guide ourselves and find a solution to health issues...

To let you know about my personal health profile I've always been catalogued as "allergic", because I usually had itchy eyes and some times a bit swollen; I've done my share of anti allergic medicine but they didn't do any good to me, which forced me to go on and seek for additional solutions...  to keep you posted on my problem is that I basically suffer from chronic sinusitis (which affects my respiratory system, itchy red eyes ... ) and suffer from great bloating.

The reason my doctors didn't give me a solution to my problem made made me be more observant of my body and symptoms and recently talking to a co-worker who suffers from GERD he told me that basically there's a link between the Acid Reflux and the mucus production...

Thinking back and doing some research things are starting to add up and make sense and I specially liked jaspurs comment where he establishes he thinks there is a connection between bloating and sinus problems and congestion...

On my case that's exactly what's happening and I think there's potential to find a solution. I usually get bloating on the afternoons and my sinus congestions worsens... (BTW looking back a couple of years back I had an upper body endoscopy and the doctor noticed that my esofagus was burned by the acids from the stomach (I've never felt acid reflux but apparently its there (the doctor failed to present me the connection between that and my allergies))

I think there's definately potential to share information here and I'm specifically interested in this topic... please feel free to let me know all the treatments you guys have done and their outcome, tell me what have worked for you and what have not, also any literature you can recommend which you consider may help on my case...

Remember on my case I have:

- Bloating
- Sinus/Respiratory Problems (directly related to the bloated (timing))
- Acid Reflux (I can't feel it but it was confirmed by the endoscopy)

Hope this info will be of any help to any of you and please let try to be proactive and input so we can all hold valuable information.

Best Regards

by jaspur, Mar 09, 2004 12:00AM

I have bloating problems due to a Hiaitial Hernia repair. I also have Baretts Esophagus. When I am bloating it causes severe sinus problems especially on my left side.This sinus problem is just severe dry sinus pressure. So far my GI Docs cannoe relate it to Gi problems.But I know that it is related because If I dont eat(dont bloat) I dont get it. Any help...

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I totally know where you are coming from.  I have been through the ringer since January and end up in the ER all the time. I am completely frustrated with doctors.  My GI doc did a scope and did not find acid reflux, I went to an ENT where a speech pathologist said I probably have LPR (silent acid reflux) all of this hit me out of the blue. I used to drink coffee, eat whatever I wanted and drink wine occassionally.  I am 5'4", 100 lbs.  really no other medical problems. I dont feel I can take a deep breathe through my diaphragm.  I have a lot of problems deep breathing. Sometimes my chest gets tight but I think that is just from the anxiety of not getting a good breathe. The more I think about it the worse I am. I was about 115 lbs before all of this started.  I was on nexium from Feb to about 2 weeks and I just stopped.  I was also taking a lot of natural supplements from a homeopathic chiropractor and just stopped everything.  I was told by my chiropractor I probably didnt have enough stomach acid.  PPI's are great but my thing is I dont like putting stuff like that in my body that is going to get rid of acid. You need acid to digest food.  I am just frustrated getting the run around from each doc not agreeing and I just want to feel better.  the 2 things you need in life food and air and I am having problems with both of them. I am only 35 years old. I am so frustrated I could scream. During this process I found out I have thyroid problems too.  My diet consists of fish, veggies, banana smoothies, raisins, humus and flatbread, pretzels, sometimes graham crackers and a box of pudding. Basically what I eat every single day.  Let me know if you need to talk.
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