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Slow motility

Before I start I just want to make clear that I understand the implications of my actions and I am not here for lectures. I am here for a little information.

Now, I have quite poor motility in my ascending and half of my transverse colon. A VERY high dose of laxatives keeps me from being constipated HOWEVER I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THAT! Having diarrhoea 24/7 is a miserable existence and I just can't cope like it, I would rather nearly die than have no life!
The hospital is EXTREMELY reluctant to do anything other than give me laxatives... Whether it be due to budget, or because my condition isn't life threatening *yet* however it is getting worse slowly.

My question is this, I have been trying to deliberately damage my colon to provoke the hospital into doing something about this hell hole (sub-total resection with double barrel ileostomy), After quitting the last course of laxatives, I haven't had a bowel movement in 2 weeks (which is quite normal for me) however I have been trying to use a needle to pierce my colon to cause an infection (I KNOW the implications and dangers)

My question is with a very constipated bowel, I can feel my colon through my stomach (Slightly to the right and about 1/2 inch - 1 inch lower than my navel. What I want to know is if there is anything else I could potentially be damaging? I have tried twice so far but I am still well....

I know very well what I am doing and I don't want to have a argument as to what it can do or why, but I would like advice, I am aiming towards my colon here, I don't want to damage any other vital organ (I do know about infections toxic shock blood infections yada yada yada I have been putting up with the issue for 9 years and I am sick of the NHS's avoidance to actually do something, conventional and unconventional and psychological treatments haven't worked and yet NOW they just want to go back and try every treatment a second time!!!)

I thank you for your time, and as I said, please don't try and warn me off doing this. I will be doing it anyway and your advice will help me do this is the safest manner possible considering the circumstances.
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I've struggled with this myself for decades and my personal "no go" record was 2 days shy of a month, brutal. I was fortunate to finally have found a partial, livable solution - at least for me, I know all our bodies can be different, response wise. But I use Miralax daily and sometimes twice - heavy doses. Just thought I'd throw it out there since you're desperate. I in no way want to be pushing a product (can't stand it when people do that), but I just wanted to share what did work for someone just like yourself.

Where you are at is brutal. I was always amazed at the impossibility of it, and most people think we were making it up. But when you have a set of belts you use and you can't even button up your pants ... things are a amiss. But I've improved myself to once or twice a week. Not great but I'll take it. Best wishes and hope things work out for you somehow.
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Hiya, thanks for your reply, I have tried osmotic laxatives (picolax) they are the only type of laxative that works on me without first having to be completely empty, however the reason I am so desperate for surgery is because I just can't get on with life on high dose laxatives. I hate being stuck near a toilet all the time. I recently had my 5 month old daughter die, and I missed out on SO much because the NHS would rather try me on laxatives over and over rather than give me the surgery that granted, may or may not work, but it is certainly worth a try and I think a stoma/resection are the only 2 options my many various gastro's haven't yet tried!

My reasoning behind wanting these surgeries for anyone else reading this is two-fold.

The general consensus with pseudo constipation is that it effects the whole colon. I almost constantly have faecal loading in my ascending and half my transverse colon. After trying all other forms of treatment (and I do mean ALL) if I have a sub-total colectomy, not only will they be taking out the part that at least, at the moment, is causing me trouble then that could potentially solve the problem, however if the rest of my colon is also working too slowly, the shorter the colon the better, as this may give the stool less time to become hard and stuck, thats my rational thoughts on the physical aspect. The reason I include a stoma is for the physchological aspect. I truly believe after lots of research and conversations with ostomates that a stoma will definately give me a much better quality of life. Being able to get out of the house more and get back to work. Again, after lots of research and I do mean LOTS, I do understand the new problems a stoma can cause the MANY new problems it could cause but I am fairly certain they would still prove less detrimental to my quality of life as my current problem, and if even with all my rationalisation and research, it turns out I can't cope with a ileostomy, then I still have the resection to fall back on.

I ask any one of you to convince a gastro that what I have just said is rational and you will probably have better luck getting blood out of stone. I have had many bad experiences with gastroentorologists, had some be very rude, had some laugh in my face, and MANY times I have been told that surgery is an option after we have tried everything, just to be told at my next appointment that if none of these treatments work, I will never get surgery and I will have to live like this for the rest of my life!! I have tried private hospitals but I have been told my case is too complex for them to consider helping me (I couldnt even afford it but I would sell all my belongings for this surgery). One of the times I have been to a & e because of my stomach pain, I even had a surgeon tell me that after listening to my issues, he would be happy to perform the surgery on me and he thinks the gastros that told me I cant have surgery are stupid considering all the other treatments have failed! So I tried finding his work or personal email, managed to find it, emailed him, and never got a reply...

Sorry this message is a bit ranty, I haven't had a bowel movement for almost 3 weeks, I am feeling dehydrated, yucky, and my partner wont stop fidgeting so I couldn't get to sleep and its 530am...

Thanks again for taking your time to read my messages
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Have u tried a colorectal surgeon?
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I've seen a general surgeon but they just laughed in my face before even giving me a chance to fully explain :) Im trying to get my gp to arrange a consultation with a colorectal surgeon, pain in the arse dr's didn't bother calling me when they said they were going to
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Bulk magnesium chloride crystals put into size 00 empty gelatin capsules as a laxative.  Experiment at home to determine how many capsules work for you.  Grind triphala into a powder using a cheap coffee grinder and also put into size 00 empty capsules as a prokinetic.  I guarantee you'll go for pennies a day.
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Have you seen a primary care doctor?
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I will try those suggestions in a week or two thank you!
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I was sent to primary care before I was even referred to gastroentorologist. I went through all of the IBS treatments, including psychological before I was ever referred :)
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